[Foundation-l] [Wikichix-l] Moderating an open list

Puppy puppy at KillerChihuahua.com
Tue Dec 5 14:26:42 UTC 2006

Andre Engels wrote:
> 2006/12/5, Puppy <puppy at killerchihuahua.com>:
>> Had they all been actually discussing how to address gender bias in what
>> they felt were more constructive ways, I would be more inclined to agree
>> with you.
> The thread wasn't  about  gender bias in general, it was about the creation
> of the list. Feel free to start a thread about gender bias in general, but
> don't expect it to be discussed in general in reaction to a solution that
> ain't a solution at all.
It was about a solution to women not being comfortable on WP due to 
bias. Whether that solution is a good one or not was /not/ being 
addressed. There has already been a thread about bias in general. that 
is where the idea of the list arose.
> So why are you dismissing it? I think "it doesn't help" is the best ground
> for dismissal I can think of.
I didn't dismiss it. That's what "firmly on the fence" means - that I do 
not support nor oppose it, and am still considering the concept. And I 
have yet to see any reason why it would not help. I have reasons why it 
would, and I have seen concerns that it might hurt the project in other 
ways, but I have not seen any reason given that it would not help.

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