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ATR alex756 at nyc.rr.com
Tue Dec 5 14:25:36 UTC 2006

It does not amaze me, does the average Wikipedian really 
care about fundraising or the WMF budget? No, as long 
as they can post comments about sexy issues most people
are not going to want to get involved with such "grunt"
issues like fundraising or budgeting issues or policy;
that is why most NPOs need to better appreciate 
volunteers who are willing to dedicate their time to
essentially work for free for an organization like you
Florence.  That is much more important than arguing
over WMF hosting any issue specific list which may
be very important but not something that should drain
the WMF resources any more than any other association
of Wikipedians that use wiki pages to start some
kind of issue specific group using Wikipedia resources
(such as the Association of Members Advocates or
the Harmonious Editing Club). None of those groups
ever asked for a WMF mailing list, they all use IRC and
various wiki pages to continue their discussions. It would
seem to me that if WMF started allowing subgroup
mailing lists like Wikichiks all kinds of other mailing lists
would by necessity quickly proliferent and it would become 
just as big and resource draining as something like 
Yahoo Groups. 

Alex T Roshuk (en:alex756)

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| It is a daily amazement to me that people can spend so many mails over a 
| chick issue, and not even one comment on fundraising or budget. Sorry 
| kc, just not the same priorities.

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