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Birgitte SB birgitte_sb at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 5 14:25:25 UTC 2006

--- Matt R <matt_crypto at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> --- Brianna Laugher <brianna.laugher at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > Why the aggressive resistance against an
> additional resource for 
> > women? Why is the idea so threatening?...how is an
> additional channel
> > segregational?
> Um, well, for me and at least some other posters,
> the only problem with
> WikiChix is that the additional channel *is*
> segregational -- female-only.
> Other than that, I support it entirely.
> > Credit where credit's due: thanks for your
> considered and thoughtful
> > responses goes to GerardM, Yann, Birgette SB,
> Anthere, Lars, Michael
> > Snow, and Tim Starling.
> So these all the people that agreed with you? And,
> by thinly-veiled
> implication, any other response was ill-considered
> and unthoughtful?
> > help call attention to and discourage sexist
> attitudes
> > and assumptions expressed in Wikimedia wherever
> you find them. If you
> > find yourself hesitating to reply publicly because
> you don't want to
> > "feed the trolls", consider sending the author a
> private reply. We can
> > use peer pressure to let "bad apples" know that
> their attitudes are
> > not shared or welcome. But also consider what
> message will be
> > understood by list lurkers, by not replying at
> all.
> I'll bear it in mind. One potential product of
> WikiChix that I would like to
> read is a list of suggestions as to how WikiBlokes
> can act, or not act, in
> order to make Wikipedia more female-friendly.
> -- Matt

Here is maybe a misunderstanding.  I can not tell you
how should act differently.  I cannot even articulate
why my sister would *never* participate on-wiki.  I
instrinsically know she would not.  I can't say why.
Honestly I have not given it much thought before.  
However I am not going to discuss my half-formed ideas
on a taboo subject with people who are dismissive of
the idea that such discussion is even worthwhile. 
With people who doubt that there is actually an issue
at all about women not participating.

Birgitte SB

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