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Mon Dec 4 21:58:00 UTC 2006

Birgitte SB wrote:
> --- Gregory Maxwell <gmaxwell at gmail.com> wrote:
>>On 12/4/06, Birgitte SB <birgitte_sb at yahoo.com>
>>>Honestly the
>>>way a woman can contribute in places like this by
>>>overlooking all the subtle sexism.  By ignoring it
>>>pretending it is not about her.
>>If, at some point in the future, we were all able to
>>sit by and fail
>>to notice a sexist comment flow by our screens
>>because it is so
>>foreign to us that it lacks all meaning.. then I
>>think this would be a
>>grand day indeed because it would signify the true
>>death to sexism.
>>Bigotry doesn't die when we simply avoid using bad
>>words or statements
>>because we know they are unacceptable, it dies when
>>those bad words
>>fail to make the slightest sense to us.
> I don't think this is about what anyone would
> recognize as bigotry.  It is about the fact the women
> are not finding a way to participate here in
> significant numbers.  Does that fact that there is not
> overt bigotry involved make this an acceptable
> situation?
>>>If anyone who attended the Board Q & A at
>>Wikimania and can still think it is not a serious
>>>problem after witnessing the entire room laugh at
>>dismissive comment which nearly brought > me to my
>>feet in outrage
>>It has been some months, and in that time I have
>>forgotten many
>>important things. So please do not consider my lack
>>of memory of this
>>comment as evidence of my opinion on the importance
>>of the comment.  I
>>simply do not remember what you are talking about,
>>could you please
>>refresh my memory and aid all who were not there?
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>>From the transcript although listening for it on the
> audio recording would be more useful.
> <anthere> may I ask a question to the room?
> usually I travle, and b/c they support it.. I have 3
> kids and have to take care of them, so it's not
> considerd to be an expense
> I just want to point out tha tI exaclty nyubmered the
> cost for me to come here and have my child taken care
> offor 3 days
> I think it's the sam efor you : $285 for the 3 days,
> my ost of my particpiation
> tis is the sam e each time I travle. this isn't
> conisdered a cost; that's all.
> <alih> actually if you look on the blog, danny was
> taking care of your baby, so the wmf is paying fo
> ryour baby sitting
> <laughter>
> BirgitteSB

I have learned my lesson.
 From the day I heard the famous french troll Papotages was *nice* to me 
only because I had ovaries (3 years ago)
 From the day I heard Angela was on the board because she had big boobs 
(2 years ago)
 From the day I was told Angela and I were on the board again because 
Jimbo loved women and we were just part of his harem (1 year ago)
 From the day I read on /. I was childish mentionning my child care 
concerns at Wikimania (was it a month ago ?)
Oh, and, how much chance do I have to be invited to a conference in 
Saudia Arabia ?

This is just hearing about life. Real life is just the same.
Women are the most likely to understand these concerns. I guess few men 
are told they got a position because of their cute buttocks, rather than 
for their abilities :-) Life is punctuated by dozen of experiences of 
this type, and this is for the luckiest of us. These comments are no big 
deal, and most will just put them aside. Just dismiss them. But the 
comments are made nonetheless.
The good news is that many men do not do that. Do not think that. Do not 
even joke about that. The bad news is that some women are worse than men 
on such matters.

Nothing is black and white. I have been told, by men and by women, to 
not talk about such matters.

So, I do not talk about them anymore. I shall be genderless :-)


PS: ... except in bylaws

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