[Foundation-l] Montenegrin request for new language wikipedia

Sabine Cretella sabine_cretella at yahoo.it
Sat Dec 2 10:52:14 UTC 2006

You don't find translators offering it on various translator's portals 
(I checked three of them). These portals do not even include Montenegrin 
in their language search. (http://proz.com, http://gotranslators.com, 

I am not going to forward my single contacts since they are not involved 
with the wikimedia foundation and your politics and therefore remain 

Well ... could you tell me why http://sdl.com does not offer 
Montenegrin? and http://logos.it and http://e-kern.com?

Oh come on ... it is enough about politics. You use a different script 
to Serbian ... that's all ... btw. the funniest thing I came through was 
just one request asking for a translator for Serbian that can understand 
the Montenegrin dialect ... so: only one request about the so-called 
Montenegrin language on so many translation portals.

In which language are your instruction manuals for computers, fridges, 
tv-sets etc. are written if there are obviously no translators offering  
Montenegrin as a  language they translate to (hmmm ... strange ... are 
there no translators in Montenegro or are they just not offering the 
language, because otherwise they would not get any jobs because the 
language is not known in the world?).

A statement I got from a person that is neither Serbian nor Montenegrin, 
but interpreter (mind me interpreter, not translator) for that ONE 
language is that it is not even different enough in pronunciation to 
really create trouble to someone not being Serbian mothertongue to 
understand it - uhmmmmm ... . Mind me: we are talking about 
professionals who deal with languages every day, who make a living out 
of that.

Btw. in which language is the Operating System of your computer?

So please: instead of going ahead creating unneccessary problems, help 
to find a way to integrate people on the Serbian wikipedia.

Thank you for your co-operation!

Best wishes,


Darko Bulatovic schrieb:
> Gerard she could try this professional translation  company. They do 
> translate from/to Montenegrin language:
> http://www.spes.hr/Main_PortalPage.aspx?external=true&kolumna=20&br_vijesti=4&type=L&tablename=Main_PortalPage.aspx&tabledesc=Languages
> As you can see it is not even Montenegrin Company.
> Regards,
> Darko Bulatovic

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