[Foundation-l] Montenegrin request for new language wikipedia

Darko Bulatovic mail at itam.ws
Fri Dec 1 03:19:38 UTC 2006

To others that find this interesting,

I have found that this decision is very biased, as it is based on 
assumptions  not on arguments. I have tried to communicate with  members 
of subcommittee but They found it unrelevant and made decision to deny 
this request (you will find my attempt on this mailing list).  The 
explanation is colored by political  vocabulary  with no  particular 
reason, it is only driven on assumption - not real facts at least they 
didn't show them.

On request  page  was started a "war" against Montenegrin wikipedia 
where mostly Serbs voted against Montenegrin Wikipedia. Legitimate 
votes, but Montenegrin votes was deleted and marked as sock puppets - 
even it was not true. I don't understand why stewards dint check this 
votes again, but on page you will find many accusation on my name that 
stewards/Admin didn't try to clear. Why? I don't understand. I have 
called them several times but with no success.
Our test wiki (wikii.itam.ws) was attacked several days by members of 
meta wiki on Mediawiki website originated from Serbia, deleting our 
pages and mocking on our State name changing it to Albania,etc. We lost 
several days in fight against vandals and tried to talk with stewards 
about what happen on meta request page, this was very difficult to us, 
but stewards didn't reacted swift in this situation clearing up the 
discussion there (maybe they did have some other work to do I don't 
know). I have called them about 20 times. At end I was blocked by no 
particular reason, and discussion was heated by some serbs which  
political agitated and insulted some people from Montenegro. That made 
reaction that leaded to page protection.
I have talked with stewards about my ban on meta and they agreed to 
unblock me and to give me a chance to explain all on my talk 
page(user:Ego_and_his_own). On which I was also false accused, but no 
one reacted.
Page was on subcommittee "desk" almost a week before new policy was on 
stage, but never less the request was judged on new policy, this is not 
normal in common law or in common decision making rules. But never less 
on that page request there was more than 5 people willing to contribute 
to Montenegrin wikipedia, which is basic rule from new policy. In 
discussion also was enough material to be positive to this request. At 
least to ask for some clearance on some questions, but members of 
committee didn't find this necessary.

I would like to see some of yours opinions regarding this issue as this 
looks very strange to me.

Thank you

Darko Bulatovic

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