[Foundation-l] How I should consider GFDL in shared content?

valdelli at bluemail.ch valdelli at bluemail.ch
Mon Aug 28 08:14:31 UTC 2006

I have a doubt. GFDL used by Wikipedia said that the content is free 
but "providing that its authors are attributed".

In this case the history is strictly connected to the content. I 
could use content but I should have the related history.

If I transfer an article from a project to another (i.e. from 
Wikipedia to Wikitionary) how I could respect this rule? The history 
is in the old article, I don't know a way to transfer also the 
history. The presence of a link in the new article linked to the old 
could be a good choice?

If I transfer the content and I delete the article in the old 
position, what I could do in this case?



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