[Foundation-l] Using someone's real name instead of his wikiname

Erik van den Muijzenberg muijz at wikipedia.be
Mon Aug 21 20:39:58 UTC 2006

On 21-aug-2006, at 15:11, Walter van Kalken wrote:

> Nope, see the village pump, where I also requested it earlier on
> numerous occasions I have editted my real name out of commentary  
> made by
> you.

So from 'constantly' we are back to 'numerous occasions', and my  
guess is that the 'numerous'-number will be somewhere in the range  
between 5 and zero. :-)

>> Waerth is bullying and insulting Dutch users for some years now,
> Could you please come with proof of this?

Sometime ago I've compiled a list of Waerths unacceptable behaviour -  
like yelling FUCK YOU or DROP DEAD etc. - during Febr 3 - March 21 on  
the Dutch Wikipedia. See: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/ 
Gebruiker:Muijz/Dossier-Waerth (In Dutch.)
After March 21 I stopped, because it caused me to much stress, but  
his unacceptable behaviour went on and on and on.

>> At first I considered Waerth as a
>> friend though. In real life I even gave Walter van Kalken a tour in
>> Amsterdam when he was visiting Holland a few years ago and I got the
>> impression we both liked that very much.
> I did yes, I never denied that. Why do you repeat this everytime we  
> have
> a discussion? I never said I didn't like that tour.

I mentioned it to indicate that once we were friends. At that time  
Waerth didn't complain about me editing Thailand-articles that were  
once started by him.
Waerth started complaining after I had defended a Dutch user who was  
attacked by Waerth. (Well, in fact, it is even more complicated, for  
some days ago Waerth gave me a compliment for the edit of one of  
'his' articles, but after that he started complaining and bluntly  
reverting my edits again.)

>> Waerth even went
>> as far as to disclose on the Dutch wikipedia private information
>> about me some months ago.
> You mean me congratulating you with your birthday

I meant Waerth disclosing private information - which led to a ban  
for him.

> As like other users who have either withdrawn from nl.wikipedia
> completely (GerardM) due to problems with you as with Ellywa who left
> for a half year.

Not to forget user Waerth who yelled for the 26th time in succession  
that he would leave Wikipedia forever.

> other people in Amsterdam including a Dutch writer who all came
> complaining on nl.wikipedia.

True, the Thai villages that Waerth writes articles about never  
complain about him. :-)
The Dutch writer I don't recall. A politician complained because I  
truthfully wrote how he made a real mess of the Dutch EFF and he  
wanted that part to be removed. And an entrepreneur complained,  
though at first he had given me a compliment and in fact jokingly had  
called me his official biographer. ;-)

> Nobody really interfered because everyone on nl.wikipedia is  
> bullied so much by you that no-one dares complaining.

On the contrary. Waerth himself is complaining a lot for instance.
And a lot of users simply agree with me and thus have no reason to  
complain at all.
Plus I never yell 'drop dead', or 'fuck you' or whatever.

> I am also fed up with your constant stalking of me around the wiki I

I don't stalk. I don't even check who started a certain article; but  
apparently Waerth does.

He has accused me on several occasions of editing 'his' articles just  
to annoy him. Well, I don't. At the Dutch Wikipedia village pump I  
have explained that I came across an article about a Thai airport  
because it was mentioned at the village pump. After that I edited  
some connected articles as well. It's the way I work, and nobody ever  
complains about it, except Waerth. The reason being, I am afraid,  
that he still doesn't understand one does NOT own the articles one  

> have been complaining about it for years. And it is a habit you  
> have as
> someone else complained about it on a talkpage on the Dutch wiki.

Yes, the same politician again. He is flaming me for ten years now.  
Earlier on he'd even gone to the police.
The Amsterdam police and I had a good laugh about it and the  
politician finally withdrew his complaint.

> You never Mentioned Walter van Kalken, you said mr. van Kalken


(If you had asked me to change it I would have complied.)

> could have been anyone of over a hundred male subjects in the world.
> again you have a quarrel with me. Waerth. You even asked me to  
> change my
> username

Waerth contacted me under a sockpuppet name, and I asked him to keep  
using the name so that we could split the problem from the name. At  
that time I was heavily attacked by Waerth, and even reading his name  
caused a lot of stress. (Apparently Waerth really doesn't understand  
the effect his verbal abuse has on other users.)

> IIt doesn't matter it is Waerth who is discussing with you on the  
> wiki,
> so you have to refer to that name.

  I wasn't discussing anything with Waerth. I was just replying to  
user 'technische fred' when I mentioned Van Kalken/Waerth.

> But no problem Muijz as I have mentioned earlier I have already
> registered my own websites and after I have found someone to help me
> with the mediawiki installation I am gone. I have no time for people
> like you in my life.

Waerth as already told Dutch Wikipedia several times that he was not  
going to contribute anything substantial as long as he couldn't have  
things his way.
And on the other hand he has caused a lot of stress and problems for  
a long time now. Waerth even made it to the major Dutch newspapers  
when he violated our ban-policy and lifted the ban of banned users  
and as a result had to step down as admin.

So maybe this solution is the best for both Wikipedia and him.
Finding help with the installing of mediawiki won't be a problem  
here, I think.

Erik van den Muijzenberg aka Muijz

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