[Foundation-l] Using someone's real name instead of his wikiname

Walter van Kalken walter at vankalken.net
Mon Aug 21 13:11:03 UTC 2006

Erik van den Muijzenberg wrote:

>"It is a normal problem with me. The heart takes over from the brain  
>and the damage is done. -Waerth / Walter van Kalken" (1)
>"Hello my name is Walter van Kalken also known as waerth." (2)
>Apparently Walter van Kalken/Waerth is referring to me. He didn't  
>contact me though, although he claims he did; he just pasted a  
>vandalism-warning on my discussion-page, without substantiating his  
Nope, see the village pump, where I also requested it earlier on 
numerous occasions I have editted my real name out of commentary made by 

>Waerth is bullying and insulting Dutch users for some years now,
Could you please come with proof of this? From the other Dutch users I 
am allegedly bullying?

> and  
>I am one of the few users there who still dare to criticize his  
>somewhat sociopathic behaviour. 
And I am being accused of personal attacks? I take a big offence to this 

>At first I considered Waerth as a  
>friend though. In real life I even gave Walter van Kalken a tour in  
>Amsterdam when he was visiting Holland a few years ago and I got the  
>impression we both liked that very much.
I did yes, I never denied that. Why do you repeat this everytime we have 
a discussion? I never said I didn't like that tour.

>But since I defended another Dutch user against heavy attacks by  
>Waerth, I am bullied and insulted by Waerth as well. Waerth even went  
>as far as to disclose on the Dutch wikipedia private information  
>about me some months ago.
You mean me congratulating you with your birthday after other 
nl.wikipedia users congratulated you? Which you childishly removed 
because you didn't want to be congratulated by me specifically?

>It comes as no surprise to me that he doesn't mention his own  
>violations of the privacy of other users, but poses as the victim now.
As like other users who have either withdrawn from nl.wikipedia 
completely (GerardM) due to problems with you as with Ellywa who left 
for a half year. Not to forget the vengefull articles you wrote about 
other people in Amsterdam including a Dutch writer who all came 
complaining on nl.wikipedia. Nobody really interfered because everyone 
on nl.wikipedia is bullied so much by you that no-one dares complaining.

>Concerning his recent accusations: it is simply not true that I am  
>*constantly* referring to him by using his real name. I am not gonna  
>prove that though, because I don't have to prove my innocence -  
>Walter van Kalken/Waerth is to prove that his accusations are correct.
>And he better do that quickly, or withdraw his accusations quickly  
>and stop accusing me, because I am fed up with it.
I am also fed up with your constant stalking of me around the wiki I 
have been complaining about it for years. And it is a habit you have as 
someone else complained about it on a talkpage on the Dutch wiki.

>However, it is correct that I used his real name yesterday. Another  
>user asked me if I could end the ongoing problems, by having a beer  
>with Waerth. As drinking a beer takes place in the physical world, I  
>referred in my answer to the human being 'Walter van Kalken', because  
>to me 'Waerth' is only a persona in the virtual world.
You never Mentioned Walter van Kalken, you said mr. van Kalken which 
could have been anyone of over a hundred male subjects in the world. 
again you have a quarrel with me. Waerth. You even asked me to change my 
username as you didn't want to speak with Waerth again. Which is another 
one of your personal demands. We had someone who wanted to negotiate 
between us. I accepted, you refused! You refused to reach a solution! So 
who is being a hardhead here?

>The Dutch Wikipedia has an article 'Walter van Kalken' - see: http:// 
>It's Google-NL's first hit for "walter van kalken waerth". Apart from  
>that, Google-NL has at least 500 other hits for this combination.  
>Tthe fact that 'Waerth' is the nickname of 'Walter van Kalken' is  
>hardly private information anymore.
IIt doesn't matter it is Waerth who is discussing with you on the wiki, 
so you have to refer to that name. If I had wanted to be known under my 
real name and would have wanted to be spoken to under my real name I 
would have registered under my real name. It is my right.

>Walter van Kalken/Waerth even violated his own privacy, by using  
>'waerth' as his handle on at least one wiki-mailinglist that is  
>indexed by Google.
All Wikimedia mailinglists are indexed by google, which I feel is a bad 
thing, but a fait accompli already.

But no problem Muijz as I have mentioned earlier I have already 
registered my own websites and after I have found someone to help me 
with the mediawiki installation I am gone. I have no time for people 
like you in my life.


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