[Foundation-l] [Ticket#2006081710002066] Wiki / Jim... please help?

Eric R. Meyers ermeyers at adelphia.net
Sun Aug 20 12:01:58 UTC 2006

Hi Everyone,

On Sunday 20 August 2006 02:53, Wikimedia Foundation wrote:
> I could not help giving you an insight of what we get on the board email.
> Enjoy

Boy Mr. Jim, do I feel like I've got some better insight now, Wiki-wiki!

Wikicommunities won't need Wikicondoms to protect us Wikiactive Wikipeople in 
our long and dangerous Wikijourney along the merry Wikiway to the many 
afterhours Wikibars and Wikinightclubs.  In every Wikidraining facility, or 
Wikilavatory, the Wikivending machine will simply dispense a Wikithumbs "up" 
or "down" on your latest Wikiprospect for a Wiki-wiki close Wikiencounter.

Who needs Wikiprivacy, when we'll have Wikidatabases to protect us all.

Wikis can do absolutely everything that we can imagine, so everyone line up 
please, like all good Wikicitizens should do, and fill in your hopefully 
little black Wikibooks, for the public good of the next great Wikivending IT 

Just let me know, when it's my turn to begin contributing by sharing my 
personal knowledge of other people.

Thanks for sharing.:)

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