[Foundation-l] Serbian admin desysopped (was: Emergency on Wiktionary)

Milos Rancic millosh at mutualaid.org
Tue Aug 15 03:26:55 UTC 2006

Walter Vermeir wrote:
> I have just done a de-sysop/de-bureaucrat on the Serbian Wikpedia. There
> the have (now) 40 sysops and of those 25 are bureaucrat.
> That is from my POV an irresponsible number of bureaucrats. I do not
> know how many active user there are. The have 34700 articles.

Just to say that no one (including Boris) abused sysop/bureaucrat
rights on Serbian Wikipedia (there were some small incidents related
to admin rights; but enwiki is full of that). Boris abused his
contributor's rights (including a lot of lying on a lot of places,
impersonating other people, making sockpupptes with abusive intentions

My POV is that admin/bureaucrat rights should not be a big deal. In
general, people are more responsible with admin/bureaucrat rights, as
well as they are more motivated to contribute to Wikipedia.

Also, there is one important message with such policy: there is no
small faction of people who are keeping rights for themselves; anyone
with good contributions and non-confrontative relations with others
should become admin/bureaucrat.

But, mainstream on the most of Wikimedian projects now is that
admin/bureaucrat permissions are not technical rights for trusted
users, but political power. Such thinking rises in Serbian Wikipedian
community, too. So, it seems that Serbian Wikipedia would have smaller
number/percentage of bureaucrats and admins in the future.

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