[Foundation-l] Emergency on Wiktionary

Kelly Martin kelly.lynn.martin at gmail.com
Fri Aug 11 15:31:38 UTC 2006

On 8/10/06, Walter Vermeir <walter at wikipedia.be> wrote:
> Not all wikis are the same. You can not project the situation of EN to
> all other wikis.
> I have just done a de-sysop/de-bureaucrat on the Serbian Wikpedia. There
> the have (now) 40 sysops and of those 25 are bureaucrat.
> That is from my POV an irresponsible number of bureaucrats. I do not
> know how many active user there are. The have 34700 articles.

I have long been concerned about srwiki, ever since I had one of their
admins try to get me deadminned on English for refusing to support the
"consensus of admins on srwiki" with regard to a content issue on
enwiki.  It disturbs me that srwiki's admins act as judge and jury on
content, and especially since (to my untrained eye) they seem to be
acting to push a pro-Serbian point of view.  Perhaps the situation is
not as unsavory as my brief encounter suggests, but I do think that it
is unacceptable for ANY language edition of Wikipedia to abrogate
NPOV, especially in the interest of nationalistic politics.


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