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Sat Aug 12 05:34:40 UTC 2006

On 8/12/06, Ray Saintonge <saintonge at telus.net> wrote:

> I hope somebody got a photo of Thomas and the gorilla. :-)

I failed to see with my two eyes, but it would be already online ...

> You are a key person in the running of a billion-dollar global
> enterprise!  Accept what you are worth.

Not directly, but related, I think. Recently I talked with other
editors at #wikimedia, if it is acceptable that someone require to
reimburse a babysitter fee for two hours to concentrate an online
meeting? I thought I forgot to stress such a meeting would be official
one, but folks around there supported this idea.

I know Jimbo continued to stress travel expense should be reimbursed
per request, and no one opposed, but I have no idea if the possiblity
I mentioned on the above was discussed either publicly or privately.

I think such possibility very seriously, not only for you Anthere, but
for all future possible Board members, either female or male whose
hands care for their kids mainly. Diversity is one of core sources of
our strength, and if only people, who let others (including his or her
partner) care for their kids, were welcome as Board member, it is a
loss. The Board membership should be open to anyone who understand its
mission and good to make strategies, and mothers caring for kids are
implicitly rejected, I need to repeat, I think it might be a great

So for now we need to make a clear consensus what is acceptable and
not? It would be also helpful for people who are now considering to
run for the coming Election ...

Kizu Naoko
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