[Foundation-l] board candidacies

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Sat Aug 12 03:29:19 UTC 2006

Anthere wrote:

>daniwo59 at aol.com wrote:
>>I am confused by this thread. It is starting with false assumptions (Board  
>>members are required to spend their own money for things) 
>Sorry Danny, but it is not a false assumption.
In that case there appears to be a difference between theory and 
practice.  Some of us who believe strongly in the principles of 
volunteerism will judge ourselves too harshly when there is an issue of 
fair compensation for what we do.  We can set standards that are 
impossibly high, and feel stressed when others do not hold themselves to 
the same standards. 

>I am currently required to spend my own money to go and give speeches. 
>This has been the case for over 2 years now. Until last december, I had 
>a job and it was not an issue to use my own savings. It has become an 
>issue. And yes, Jimbo took it lightly during the board panel when I 
>stupidely commented the issue. And yes, Andrew made fun of it saying 
>that Thomas was taking care of by yourself during Wikimania in any 
>cases. And yes, I felt humiliated. And yes, it is getting up to my 
>throat right now. Badly. Everyday a little bit more. Each time I have to 
>find a different way to organise myself to limit costs as much as I can, 
>and each time it takes hours to find the best solution. Usually illegal, 
>as legal is too expensive. And each time my husband talks to me angrily 
>because my poorly built-up solutions impair his own working time. And 
>each time I cut on something I could have offered to my own kids. And 
>each time I am more angry.
I hope somebody got a photo of Thomas and the gorilla. :-)

You are a key person in the running of a billion-dollar global 
enterprise!  Accept what you are worth.  Under these circumstances the 
virtue of frugality can become counterproductive.  Accept the proper 
reimbursements, because putting yourself or your family at a 
disadvantage does no good to anyone.  If those little bits of stress 
build up to where we you give up we would all lose.

>So rrrrright, so much for the false assumptions. The expenses of Board 
>members relating to Foundation work are not entirely covered by the 
>Foundation. That's not a false assumption. That's a fact.
Are you submitting all of your expenses?

>This said, Michael wrote yesterday that I should ask for my child care 
>costs to be covered. Does that need a resolution ?
By itself the $285 that you mentioned at the panel would not normally 
need a resolution, but this really depends on what general policy 
resolution the Board has passed on the matter of reimbursements.


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