[Foundation-l] Serbian admin desysopped (was: Emergency on Wiktionary)

Filip Maljkovic dungodung at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 22:12:37 UTC 2006

Walter Vermeir wrote:
> Not all wikis are the same. You can not project the situation of EN to
> all other wikis.
> I have just done a de-sysop/de-bureaucrat on the Serbian Wikpedia. There
> the have (now) 40 sysops and of those 25 are bureaucrat.
> That is from my POV an irresponsible number of bureaucrats. I do not
> know how many active user there are. The have 34700 articles.
Walter, what you did with desysopping that guy was wrong. Everything was 
falsified and I have a reason to believe it was all a deed of 
Bormalagurski (Wiki Serbia @ meta) whom we had recently desysopped. If 
you do a checkuser for the guys two accounts, you'll see a Canadian and 
a Spanish IP (the first on meta, the second on sr:). Slaven (who 
erroneously got desysopped) never claimed to want to be desysopped and 
this is just Boris' vendetta for his own dethronement. I'm a bureaucrat 
at sr: wikipedia but I don't want to do the honors of redoing what's 
already been done. I think Walter should return the rights. Evidence to 
purport my claims is the following:
The account on meta was created a couple of days ago and Slaven is known 
to have gone to a vacation at about the same time. He's blocked himself 
because he couldn't stand the situation our community was in at that 
moment, but he never wanted his rights taken away. Please correct this asap


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