[Foundation-l] Emergency on Wiktionary

Walter Vermeir walter at wikipedia.be
Thu Aug 10 21:55:32 UTC 2006

Ray Saintonge schreef:
> While it is also possible that there can be rogue bureaucrats, these 
> will be proportionally rarer than rogue admins.  Anyone who has become a 
> bureaucrat has a very high degree of trust in the community, and 
> especially in relatively larger communities there is sufficient 
> oversight to prevent the abuses that may be more common with the 
> untested bureaucrats of tiny communities.  Speaking arbitrarily, one 
> could define a larger community, as one with at least 50,000 articles 
> and/or 2 active bureaucrats.
> Ec

Not all wikis are the same. You can not project the situation of EN to
all other wikis.

I have just done a de-sysop/de-bureaucrat on the Serbian Wikpedia. There
the have (now) 40 sysops and of those 25 are bureaucrat.

That is from my POV an irresponsible number of bureaucrats. I do not
know how many active user there are. The have 34700 articles.

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