[Foundation-l] Adult and Illegal content on Wikimedia projects

Jimmy Wales jwales at wikia.com
Thu Apr 6 03:20:17 UTC 2006

Robert Scott Horning wrote:
> I started a thread on the Staff Lounge at Wikibooks over what to do with 
> content that openly advocates breaking laws.  The goal I had was to help 
> come up with some wording that we could add to existing policies that 
> would prohibit this sort of content from being added to Wikibooks.

Can you give a link?

First of all, Wikibooks is for *textbooks*, broadly construed, not for
any sort of nonsense people might think would be a cool nonfiction book.

Second of all, Wikibooks is bound by the non-negotiable NPOV policy,
which means that it should not be advocating breaking the law (nor
advocating obeying the law, nor advocating anything at all really).

> Where Wikibooks is having some real problems is with things like the 
> Manual of Crime, How to Rape, AIM Password Cracking, or a currently 
> contentious book on the use of illegal drugs called Drugs: Fact and 
> Fiction.

The first 3 should be deleted on sight as blatant trolling and the
contributor warned and then banned if they keep it up.

The third one should be carefully policed for POV, and should ALSO be
rewritten and probably retitled to be a *textbook*.

> My question to the Wikimedia community at large is to see how you have 
> dealt with content of this nature, or if this is something that is 
> restricted mainly to Wikibooks?  

One problem is that the wikibooks community is small and is often
overwhelmed by the larger Wikipedia community telling people to get
their nonsense off wikipedia, and sending them to Wikibooks.  :)

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