[Foundation-l] Day 9 Fund Drive Report

Daniel Mayer maveric149 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 27 20:30:03 UTC 2005

On Day 9 (Saturday 26 February eastern US timezone since PayPal data are not
available in UTC) we made $5,869.19 (USD equivalent) through PayPal (completed
payments only; no updates available for other sources at this time). 

This is an increase of 57.14% from Day 8 and represents 10.54% of total funds
collected so far ($61,574.83 ; only counting full days) and 7.83% of our goal
($75,000). At the end of Day 9 we had reached 82.10% of our goal. 

Day  9			Day 8 comparison	
PayPal		USD equiv	USD equiv	%change
AUD	  191.00   $150.99	   $74.38	103.00%
CAD 	 268.97	   $217.95	  $179.43	 21.46%
EUR 	1149.90	 $1,503.15	  $953.63	 57.62%
GBP 	 475.11	   $901.66	  $234.04	285.27%
JPY	16245	   $153.99	   $35.83	329.76%
USD	2941.46	 $2,941.46	$2,257.79	 30.28%
PayPal total:	 $5,869.19	$3,735.10	 57.14%
MoneyBookers	 no data           $0.00	 0.00%
Mail/Post	 no data           $0.00	 0.00%
	TOTAL	$5,869.19	$3,735.10	57.14%

Grand totals so far (only counting complete days)			
PayPal		   USD equiv	%GrandTotal
AUD	1618.80	   $1,279.66	 2.08%
CAD 	2957.00	   $2,396.06	 3.89%
EUR 	15412.07  $20,146.66	32.72%
GBP 	3350.06	   $6,357.74	10.33%
JPY	154158.00  $1,461.26	 2.37%
USD	29136.76  $29,136.76	47.32%
PayPal total:	  $60,778.14	
Moneybookers:	    $426.69	  0.69%
Mail/Post	    $370.00	  0.60%
GRAND TOTAL	 $61,574.83	100.00%
% toward goal        82.10%	

For the most recent grand total and other details visit

Some selected comments from Day 9:
See http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Fund_drives/2005/Q1/Day_9

"Very handy resource, keep up the great work." by Anonymous

"Gladly support the Great Wikipedia Project" by Grant Slater

"I teach history and geography and use Wikipedia weekly. Excellent, easy to
access source of information." by Tom Gleason

"Viva la information revolution!" by Anonymous

"Great public project. Everyone should contribute financially and with their
editing efforts" by Bernard Farrell

"Das ist echte Wissens-Allmende!" by Adolf J Winterer

"Wikipedia is an invaluable research tool." by Anonymous

"Nothing compares to Wikipedia. It's the greatest informer." by Niels Buus

"A shining example of what the net is really all about." by William Finley

"MY COLLEGE STUDENTS DEPEND ON WIKIPEDIA; I so appreciate its well researched
articles on musical genres, especially" by Anonymous

"Keep it free & non-biased high quality!" by Anonymous

"I sent $1200 during your last fundraising drive. Here's $50 more for good
measure. Enjoy, and keep up the good work! Thanks, -David" by Anonymous

"By the people for the people" by Andrew Black

Some of my favorites:

"because freedom isn't free" by Anonymous

"De omni re scibili et quibusdam aliis." by Berteun Damman 

"Love the site, hope you reach your goal easily and then some" by Mark Bullard

"Keep it Going. the records of the passage of time and events are no less
important than food and drink." by Zia imaging

"Oh all the services out there on the internet, I think this is one of the most
deserving of support. Thanks, very much!" by Michael Bierschenk

"...Wikipedia has already supplanted the great Encyclopedia Galactica as the
standard repository of all knowledge and wisdom..." (with apologies to Douglas
Adams)" by Christopher Allen

"Ciao" by Anonymous

Daniel Mayer,
Wikimedia CFO

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