[Foundation-l] Day 8 Fund Drive Report

Daniel Mayer maveric149 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 26 22:12:29 UTC 2005

On Day 8 (Friday 25 February eastern US timezone since PayPal data are not
available in UTC) we made $3,735.10 (USD equivalent) through PayPal (completed
payments only; no updates available for other sources at this time). 

This is a decrease of 27.13% from Day 7 and represents 6.71% of total funds
collected so far ($55,705.64 ; only counting full days) and 4.98% of our goal
($75,000). At the end of Day 8 we had reached 74.27% of our goal. 

For information on our recent server issues see

Day  8			        Day 7 comparison	
PayPal		USD equiv	USD equiv	%change
AUD	  94.09	    $74.38	   $60.08	 23.80%
CAD 	 221.44	   $179.43	  $259.89	-30.96%
EUR 	 729.52	   $953.63	$1,366.56	-30.22%
GBP 	 123.32	   $234.04	  $670.34	-65.09%
JPY	3780	    $35.83	   $99.10	-63.85%
USD	2257.79	 $2,257.79	$2,670.05	-15.44%
PayPal total:	 $3,735.10	$5,126.02	-27.13%
MoneyBookers	no data	           $0.00	  0.00%
Mail/Post	no data	         $295.00	-100.00%
	TOTAL	$3,735.10	$5,126.02	 -27.13%

Grand totals so far (only counting complete days)			
PayPal	       USD equiv	%GrandTotal
AUD	 1427.80    $1,128.68	 2.03%
CAD 	 2688.03    $2,178.11	 3.91%
EUR 	14262.17   $18,643.51	33.47%
GBP 	2874.95	    $5,456.08	 9.79%
JPY	137913	    $1,307.28	 2.35%
USD	26195.30   $26,195.30	47.02%
PayPal total:	   $54,908.95	
Moneybookers:  	     $426.69	 0.77%
Mail/Post	     $370.00	 0.66%
GRAND TOTAL	  $55,705.64	100.00%
% toward goal       74.27%	

For the most recent grand total and other details visit

Some selected comments from Day 8:
See http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Fund_drives/2005/Q1/Day_8

"You guys are fantastic! Keep up the good work" by World of Worlds

"Wikipedia is a great info source, but it needs more bandwidth!" by David

"A great site! My kids love it and use it often" by Anonymous

"Pour un savoir commun, libre et gratuit." by Anonymous

"I am an information addict because of you wikipedia. I love you." by Anonymous

"La informacion quiere ser libre" by Paredes Olay Francisco Javier

"Small price to pay to keep knowledge free... and reduce my cynicism!" by

"I am so grateful for your wonderful site." by Anonymous

"Wikimedia is doing GREAT things, I'm proud to support them." by Jeff Moats

"weiter so !" by Anonymous

"I really enjoy using your site. As an educator it is a excellent resource and
use it all the time." by Howard Sims

"We love Wikipedia! Thank you for making knowledge so accessible!" by John Noe

"You are the best!" by Rodrigo Ventura

"vive le libre =)" by Le bisou

Some of my favorites:

"Without doubt this is one of the few sites that make the internet worthwhile."
by Nicholas Penney

"Wikimedia is the epitome of what the Internet should be: For the public, By
the public." by Ezra Pincus-Roth

"Wikipedia is the best source of quality information I have ever found in my
extensive use of the Internet. My gratitude to everyone's contributions to the
content that makes this a wonderful success." by Anonymous

"you keep it free and unbiased and i'll be contributing double every drive." by

"This is the future." by David Altman

"Go baby go, go!" by Anonymous

Daniel Mayer,
Wikimedia CFO

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