[Foundation-l] Day 3 Fund Drive Report

Daniel Mayer maveric149 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 21 20:17:56 UTC 2005

On Day 3 (Sunday 20 February eastern US timezone since PayPal data are not
available in UTC) we made $7881.66 (USD equivalent) through PayPal and $64 (USD
equivalent) through MoneyBookers (no updates available for other sources at
this time). 

As expected the total daily figures are dropping now that the initial
excitement surrounding the start of the fund drive is subsiding. But I also
expect a surge in new donations as we approach our fund drive goal (as occurred
in the last fund drive). Either way, it does now appear that we will reach our
goal (US$75,000) before the scheduled end of the fund drive (Friday 11 March). 

Day 3 			        Day 2 comparison	
PayPal		USD equiv	USD equiv	%change
AUD	418.59	   $330.90	   $257.81       28.35%
CAD 	294.86	   $238.93	   $171.61       39.23%
EUR 	2108.06	 $2,755.66	 $3,078.43	-10.49%
GBP 	367.21	   $696.89         $862.28	-19.18%
JPY	20990	   $198.96         $257.66	-22.78%
USD	3596.33	 $3,596.33	 $4,888.47	-26.43%
PayPal total:	 $7,817.66	 $9,516.25	-17.85%
		64	          $362.69	-82.35%
	TOTAL	$7881.66	$9,878.94	-20.22%

Grand totals so far (only counting complete days)			
PayPal		 USD equiv	% grand total
AUD	1125.1	     $889.39	 3.14%
CAD 	934.92	     $757.57	 2.67%
EUR 	7979.65	  $10,431.00	36.78%
GBP 	1322.28	   $2,509.42	 8.85%
JPY	82222	     $779.38	 2.75%
USD	12567.09  $12,567.09	44.31%
PayPal total:	  $27,933.85	
		    $426.69	1.50%
GRAND TOTAL	 $28,360.54	100.00%

For the most recent grand total and other details visit

Some selected comments from Day 3:
See http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Fund_drives/2005/Q1/Day_3

"Congratulations on keeping up such a sucessful and valuable internet
resource!" by Shaon Diwakar

"Wikipedia is amazing, I'm glad to have the opportunity to donate" by Anonymous

"My first time here. Thanks for improving civilization." by Anonymous

"Thank you so much for this fantastic source of knowledge!" by Thibaut Devulder

"This is what the internet is all about - open access to knowledge." by Jonas

"One of those little big things that makes me proud of being a human. Great
idea for humanity. Thank you!" by Omar Franco Guerrero

"I like the way it helps freedom in education, I believe this could bring us
far" by Louis-Alexandre Marceau

"Wikipedia is a brilliant idea, a worthy project, and a vital resource.
Thanks." by Anonymous

"Thanks for running the most exciting knowledge resource online!" by John

"Possibly the greatest project ever undertaken by humankind, wish I had more to
give" by Anonymous

"Free access to information is the key to prosperity!" by Simon Roby

"Amazing! That's what you are. Keep up the good work." by Anonymous

"Knowledge is power. Thankyou Wikimedia for empowering the masses -
[[en:User:Ae-a]]" by Anonymous

Some of my favorites:

"You got me! I found your entries on Terry Pratchett and the Discworld series
and just knew I had to support you!" by Deborah Hays

"Wikipedia, AKA the Degree Saver! Many thanks" by Tom Graham

"The legacy of Alexandria lives on" by Anonymous

"Destroyer of productivity - and yet I feel worthwhile for spending so much
time here." by Barry Petchesky

"Because the world needs an encyclopedia with a full Pokemon section." by

"Encouraged by the open accounting. And the great product." by Matthew Elvey

"Before I knew about Wikipedia, I was afraid. I thought most people in the
world were jerks, bigots, or just plain bad people. Then, while looking around
at wikipedia and seeing how it worked, I couldn't see how that could be true.
Wikipedia just could not exist if it was true: if bad people outnumbered,
outgunned, and out-shouted the good. I came to the conclusion that more people
in the world were good than bad. That the chances were good that the man you
bumped on the train is a good person, that the lady behind the cash register is
a good person, that the bus driver is a good person. Wikipedia restored my
faith in humanity, and my outlook on life has changed because of it. Thank
you." by Christopher Hutten-Czapski

"--wait, thank YOU!" by Ruth Temple

Daniel Mayer,
Wikimedia CFO

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