[Foundation-l] Day 2 Fund Drive Report

Daniel Mayer maveric149 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 20 22:30:37 UTC 2005

On Day 2 (Saturday eastern US timezone since PayPal data are not available in
UTC) we made $9257.65 (USD equivalent) through PayPal (no updates available for
other sources at this time). 

Day 2                       Day 1 comparison
               USD equiv    USD equiv  %change
AUD    326.13   256.80       247.27    + 3.85
CAD    211.78   172.00       271.58    -36.67
EUR   2354.98  3080.02      4464.75    -31.01
GBP    454.36   860.37       899.77    - 4.38
JPY  27182      257.80       269.00    - 4.16
USD   4888.47  4888.47      3424.63    +42.74
               9257.65      9576.78    - 3.33

               no data      362.69    -100
Total          9257.65    9,939.47    -6.86

For the most recent grand total and other details visit

Some selected comments from Day 2:
See http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Fund_drives/2005/Q1/Day_2

"A wonderful resource, which has already become the Amazon of online
encyclopedias!" by Anonymous

"Wikipedia is what the internet was meant for: The building of a great
information network" by Industrial Hypertext

"For one of the most exciting enterprises of mankind!" by Renato Cintra

"Wikipedia is my favorite site and an extreme benefit to the world" by Seth

"Wikimedia captures the true spirit of the Internet, and is priceless for
that." by Michael Herring

"Probably the most useful website in the world (and proof that wiki's work).
Well done!" by Mr D A Whiting

"Continue doing your great work, I use wikipedia as much as google" by

"This model of information transfer will change humanity." by Anonymous

"What can I say? I owe half of what I know to the Wikipedia! Keep up the good
work." by Jonathan Grose

Some of my favorites:

"Wikipedia is dangerous. It is free, it is fair, it is informative, it is fun.
Nothing beats it. Nothing even comes close." by Christopher Hutten-Czapski

"much much less annoying than an NPR fundraising drive, which just makes me
reach for a blank check to stuff into my ears" by Anonymous

"Because knowledge may be free, but servers are not." by Anonymous

"Free knowledge is even better than free porn." by Steve Guy

"What did we do before Wiki?" by Anonymous

Daniel Mayer,
Wikimedia CFO

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