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Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 5 08:43:34 UTC 2005

Thanks for the proposition Chad and NSK, but I had an idea.

We are sharing many things, like articles. We coedit articles.
We are not sharing all of our promotional items, and usually, we can not 
coedit them.

As a result, we tend to do again what other people have already done, 
and generally, we lack promotional items.

I invite you to look at this page : 

For those of us going outside to promote wikipedia, answering 
journalists, going to meetings, etc... it is not a very satisfying page.

For example, at least 2 people have made business cards. But these 
models are not here.

I know as a fact some leaflets are not here. I know italian made a nice 
one. I cannot see it.

I made presentations of wikipedia. Many others did, but they cannot be 
reused if not listed here. One of mine is currently hosted by a craowiki 
editors, NOT on wikipedia.

We have now great leaflets here, but they are not available, either in 
final version, or in workable version, because I have no easy hosting place.

Elian told me we were cruelly lacking promotional items for FOSDEM.

I think this is poor. We need to have access to the version of leaflets 
or business cards so we can improve them. We need to have access to 
leaflets in other languages so that when we go to multilingual events, 
we can provide a wide diversity of leaflets in several languages.

So, here is my suggestion

I would like that a little bit of room is planned on one of wikimedia 
servers to host all these promotional things. This is Jimbo and Angela 
to answer here.

Second we need to have a way to upload this data on the server. So, 
possibly to have a contact person which can do it for us with no access 
to servers. This would be Brion to comment for example ?

Third, I would like that accross all languages, we make an effort to 
gather all existing information, in degraded pdf version for email 
sending, in good pdf version for printing and in workable version 
(photoshop, illustrator, xpress, whatever).

What do you think ?


Chad Perrin a écrit:
> Anthere wrote:
>> Anyway, the resulting pdf which may be printed is
>> about one mega in size. Where could I host it so that
>> other people might use it later to print more leaflets
>> if they wish so ?
> Is this just a general request for someone to offer to host it on a web 
> server somewhere, or are you looking to connect it to the Wikimedia 
> family of sites somewhere (or are you asking something else entirely)? 
> If the former, I've got a little webspace and bandwidth to spare.
> --
> Chad

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