[Engineering] [Analytics Cluster] Downtime announcement for Oozie/Hive - Dec 7 10AM CET

Luca Toscano ltoscano at wikimedia.org
Wed Dec 6 18:47:54 UTC 2017

Hi everybody,

we'd need to reboot the analytics1003 host for Linux kernel and openjdk
updates tomorrow Dec 07 at 10 AM CET. Hive and Oozie will stop for a
(hopefully) brief amount of time, but since they'll need to stop before the
reboot it might happen that in flight jobs/queries fail. We'll try to avoid
the reboot if too many jobs are running, but at some point we'll need to
pull the trigger.

Please let me know on IRC (#wikimedia-analytics, elukey) or via email if
you have any issue with this maintenance.

Thanks and sorry for the trouble!

Luca (on behalf of the Analytics team)
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