[Engineering] Wikimedia-log-errors summary - 2017-12-01

Timo Tijhof ttijhof at wikimedia.org
Sat Dec 2 02:42:26 UTC 2017

Been a while since the last summary, so here is one.

* 168 reported unresolved issues
* 160 issues without an assignee
* 10 issues tagged with "Patch-For-Review"

Please check out the breakdown of open issues by project to see which
errors in your field welcome fixing:

Or get the latest straight from Logstash:

Top 5 by hit count in last 24 hours:

1. ERROR channel=PageViewInfo "Failed fetching {url}: {error}"


2. ERROR channel=error "Fatal error: Call to exists() on a non-object"


3. WARNING channel=XMP "XMPReader::parse .. "

   #Multimedia #MediaWiki-File-management

4. WARNING channel=session "Metadata merge failed: {exception}"

   #MediaWiki-Authentication #CentralAuth

5. WARNING channel=session "Metadata has an anonymous user, but a non-anon"

   #MediaWiki-Authentication #CentralAuth

-- Timo
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