[Engineering] Gerrit 2.12.2 test instance - PLEASE TEST

Chad Horohoe chorohoe at wikimedia.org
Wed Jul 13 01:17:58 UTC 2016


Daniel and I have been spending a lot of time in the last week preparing a
smooth upgrade
path for Gerrit to a new (and supported version). The migration will be
coming soon but I could
use your help testing things in the meantime.


The database is a snapshot from last week and the git data is up to date as
of a few hours
ago. Please use this opportunity to test the new installation and make sure
it works for you.
Make a change. Do some reviews. Do the things you usually would.

Again, this is snapshot data so: A) Don't worry about messing up the real
install, and B) Don't
expect any changes to persist after the migration.

If nobody identifies any major blockers, we'll go ahead and set an upgrade
time for the
immediate future.

Thanks so much!

-Chad & Daniel
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