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Geoffrey Plourde geo.plrd at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 27 20:43:06 UTC 2008

Is it possible to get a Image Department together, so the average wikipedian becomes a nonprofit photographer?

geni <geniice at gmail.com> wrote:  On 27/03/2008, David Gerard wrote:
> I went to the V&A last week and took photos of everything I could,
> which I really should upload some time sooner rather than later. In
> fact, I want a better camera for low light just to do the V&A.
> Their photo policy is "feel free", just don't use a flash and don't be
> a nuisance. There are a limited number of exhibitions they ask for no
> photography in (there's the Design in China one at the moment, for
> example), but mostly you can take pics of anything.
> So - apart from those of you with cameras that are good in low light
> photographing every damn thing to be found in the entire V&A ...

The next generation of high end point and shoots may include an
increasing number of low light features (well they will if the
manufacturers decide that 12 mega pixels is enough for now).

> 1. Do we have a list of photographer-friendly museums?

The various national museums (science museum, Natural history museum,
Fort nelson etc)

Pit rivers (although the light levels there mean that you may not be
able to do very much)

Never run across issues with English heritage

County museums vary

The biggest problem from our POV is the national trust. Not only do
you need permission to take photos but their permission system suffers
from being over centralised with the result that the closest
description they can get to the average wikipedian photographer
appears to be freelance. In cases like this to make working through
the system worthwhile you would really need a group of people looking
to take photos.


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