[Commons-l] Thoughts about 'Making Wikimedia Commons less frightening'

Finn Rindahl finnrindwiki at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 01:19:38 UTC 2008

I don't think trying to gather and follow up the ideas in this thread at e
new project page is "creating a new institution". I'm with Michael here,
trying to sort this out on-wiki could indeed help "change the people and the
way they work".

Posting at Commons:Village Pump could help bring up more ideas, brainstorm
and attreact interrest - but VP is not a very suitable place to actually
develop sustainable solutions. Neither is no:Tinget or sv:bybrunnen.

Finn Rindahl

2008/12/12 Lars Aronsson <lars at aronsson.se>

> Michael Maggs wrote:
> > (1) That the ideas in this thread be captured, and copied to Commons
> > under a new project page called (eg) Commons: Outreach.
> In my country (Sweden) there was a heated discussion in the 1960s
> that universities had become too specialized.  Literature
> professors didn't speak to professors in chemical engineering.
> There was a rough concensus that more interdisciplinary studies
> were needed.  So, in 1970 when a new university was founded, what
> did they do?  They founded a department of interdisciplinary
> studies.  The new department attracted some professors of
> interdisciplinary science, which are now about to retire.  But the
> literature professors and the professors of chemical engineering
> still don't talk to each other.
> What can we learn from this?  We must change the people and the
> way they work, not create new institutions.
> Wikimedia Commons already has a village pump, and it's not overly
> full with discussions.  Today I (user:LA2) brought up some strange
> upload patterns that I observed in five new users.  At first I
> thought they were sock puppets for a single, large scale copyvio.
> But it is more likely they are students in a science project.
> The problem is that we have no way to communicate with them or
> their teacher.  They have all received the standard welcome
> template on their user talk page, but nobody seems to bother.
> Try to find the people behind these user names and ask them what's
> going on. That would be practical outreach. No new page is needed.
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