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Mon May 10 00:06:29 UTC 2010

Dear all,

We are glad once more to share our monthly report with you.

Kind regards, 

J. Gustavo Góngora 

Courses and conferences

*Tuesday 6 & Wednesday 7 April: a workshop about edition on wikipedia at Vapor Llonch of Sabadell. It is one of the points of the Omnia network. User:Pallares
*Wednesday 21 April. Dialogical conference: "La Viquipèdia: Què és, com funciona i el que l'envolta" (Wikipedia: what is it? how does it work? what does it involve?) at the Industrial Engineers School of Barcelona, Passeig de Gràcia, 50. Organized by: Fundació Torrens Ibern. User:Martorell (also supported by Vriullop, KRLS, Ssola & Pallares). 

Relation with entities

*Wednesday 14 April. Meeting with the Sociedad de Ingenieria de Fabricación (Manufacturing Engineering Society). It has been proposed to them the sponsorship of a prize concerning the development of contents involving the manufacturing technologies on Wikipedia. The Society comprehends most of the university professors in Spain who take part in the manufacturing technologies. They would fundraise the prizes and would take part of the jury. We have invited Wikimedia Argentina and other members behind the project of Wikimedia Spain to participate in the organization. Here are the requirements, still waiting for an agreement with the SIF. Gomà. 
*Sunday 18 April. Meeting in Berlin with Catalan teachers and with the Executive Committee of Casal Català of Berlín. You can see all the details in the summary of the meeting. Josepnogue & Gomà. 
*Sunday 25 April. Meeting with Amèrica Grau. From the World Bank. They offer themselves to support us in updating automatically the statistical data of the bank in all wikis. We have contacted the WMF in order to coordinate it globally in all projects. We will keep informing you. Vriullop


*Agreement with TV3 for the program Espai Internet (Internet Space). During this month, the following articles have been created: Guernica (painting) (4/4/2010 program), Droga (4/18/2010 program; in this program they have also put the article in Spanish), and Estadística (4/25/2010 program). 

Other issues

*We have opened the weblink to sell the book on Wikipedia. KRLS. We have arrived on time and for Sant Jordi's Day everything was ready. 10% of the samples have already been sold during that day and thanks to some contacts. Next month and the following one, some presentations of the book will be presented in the media and in every Catalan-speaking community. We will keep you informed. 
*We have finished with the identification of all the articles from vp:Gran Enciclopèdia Catalana (Great Catalan Encyclopaedia) that were still missing on the Catalan wikipedia. They are more than 100.000. User:Pasqual

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