[Advocacy Advisors] Update on the EU reform on the Digital Single Market

Karl Sigfrid karl at wikimedia.be
Mon Mar 23 16:06:12 UTC 2015

Information about the upcoming reform of the Digital Single Market is 
leaking from the European Commission, which is now working on a strategy 
document that they plan to release before summer.

The Commission is clearly focusing on measures to promote economic 
growth. The information that has so far gotten out does not address the 
issue of copyright exceptions, but it does say a few words about other 
priorities of ours like open data.

In the context of digitization and data-based business, the Commission 
views it as a problem that not more statistics and other data is in the 
public domain. They are also considering how to promote the further 
development toward open science, where a key element is the open access 
to publications and research data through new business models in the 
publishing world.

This could be good news. Perhaps it's a sign that the Public Sector 
Information Directive may be up for review and ultimately strengthened 
to allow for more and easier access to publicly funded information.

The Commission's ideas are at this stage quite vague. We will of course 
be there to help with suggestions on how to turn the ideas into concrete 

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