[Advocacy Advisors] HEC NYU Regulatory Law Clinic working on FoP

Dimitar Parvanov Dimitrov dimitar.parvanov.dimitrov at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 14:34:17 UTC 2015

Hi to all!

This is to let you know that the the Regulatory Law Clinic of the HEC in
Paris and the NYU has started working on our Freedom of Panorama policy
initiative. As part of the semester, students will work on analysing the
FoP situation, will try to come up with new arguments in favour of FoP
especially focusing on freedom of expression and movement of goods/services
angles and will write a draft provision which we could propose for
inclusion in the final legal text.

I am attaching the full brief the students received to this email.

Related to this I'm currently negotiating with Mr. Pavel Svoboda, the chair
of the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, to host a FoP
workshop this March. The idea would be to have the students present their
findings, have a rather scholarly debate around FoP and tackle some the
knee-jerk fear that currently goes around when talking about copyright
exceptions including this one.

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