[Advocacy Advisors] Big Fat Brussels Meeting Vol. 2 - Invitation

Dimitar Parvanov Dimitrov dimitar.parvanov.dimitrov at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 11:57:00 UTC 2014

Hello everybody,

spring is coming and it's been a year since we launched the charme attack
on Brussels. Let's take the next steps to conquer the bureaucrats' hearts
and souls! In order to finetune our strategy, we invite everyone to a
second meeting of the Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU in Brussels:


As last year [1], we will hold a two-day "Big Fat Brussels Meeting". The
meeting is open for each and everyone. Prior knowledge of advocacy or
internal Wikimedia policies is not required - a good diversity of views can
be very productive.

This years meeting is going to be held on a Thursday and Friday (April 24
and 25). We apologise for those of you who can't take weekdays off, but the
meeting coincides with a public event on "Cultural Heritage and Mass
Digitalisation" on Thursday, co-organised by us and UNESCO. [2]

The two panels of the World Book and Copyright Day debate include speakers
from the European Commission, Wikimedia, UNESCO, the British Library and
the Federation of European Publishers. We believe tying-in the two events
makes very good sense and will give participants an opportunity to engage
hands-on in Brussels EU affairs.

Please put your name on the participant list on Meta-Wiki or send me an
email if you intend to participate, so we can organise an adequate meeting


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