Hej hej,

as you may remember from previous posts, we (Alex, Bryan, Sarah, Tricia, and me) are working on a developer portal for technical documentation and updating key technical documents.
The goal is to make it easier for everyone to find the help and information you need about the technical side of MediaWiki software and Wikimedia projects and to improve the overall quality and discoverability of technical documentation.

I'm going to share what has happened over the last months (also see the general schedule).

Regarding the technical stack, we decided on a platform. Its work-in-progress codebase is in Gerrit and there might be a demo server soon. This is the technical scaffold; actual content will be added when we get closer to launching in a few months (see the corresponding task graph for work to sort out before launching).

We defined core audiences and had nine user tests completed so far. The feedback helped iterate on the Developer Portal content layout draft prototype (which evolved from a unified to a multipage approach).

We are also in the process of reviewing and improving many key technical documentation pages (which will get linked from the developer portal). 
These updates and accuracy checks are based on a review checklist. The checklist may also be helpful for anyone else interested in good technical documentation.
For planning documentation review work, we use a Phabricator workboard; you can also find the list of key pages on the project wiki page.

To get involved, sign up to participate in user testing for the developer portal. For questions and feedback, leave us a comment on the project talk page.

All these efforts are part of the goal to have discoverable docs and paths to entry.


Andre Klapper (he/him) | Bugwrangler / Developer Advocate