I second Danielle as our representative!


On Apr 6, 2022, at 5:33 PM, E.S. Jack <emilysjack@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello again, NC Wikipedian colleagues!

In case folks didn't see the message Gaurav forwarded earlier this week, the annual Wikimedia Summit is returning as an in-person event this September, in Berlin. As an affiliate, we are able to send one representative to the Summit. Our standard rubric for choosing a representative is to nominate and select the member who has done the most to advance the work and interests of our user group in the previous year leading up to the summit. Because the summit has been on a pandemic hold, I suggest that we consider the period leading up to this year's summit (the period of consideration for our representative) to be the past two+ years -- essentially the whole period of time since the last summit was held.

Given that set of criteria, I nominate Danielle as our representative. Danielle kept this group on track for a long period of time with her dedicated leadership, including throughout the early, stressful, uncertain stretch of the pandemic. If anyone has additional nominations, or would like to discuss the nomination criteria, please respond to this message by midnight this Friday, April 8. If there are additional nominations or folks would like to discuss, we can schedule a brief meeting to discuss in the next few days. The deadline for our representative to complete the application is April 17, and we'll need to have our rep selected in enough time to submit the paperwork. I would like to have this settled by early next week.

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