Actually, this is more or less the reason why I tested in the first place.

I still get some spam emails for the old list. I just disregard them.
Then yesterday, we got in moderation a legitimate email from a guy I know (RĂ©mi Bachelet).
I thought "Let's just tell him about the new list".

Then I thought... "what new list... has it actually been created ?"
I looked for some messages and found some.

So I went on meta to look for it.
Did not find anything in the list directory.

Double checked on meta:
The list actually exist.
Gosh !!!

I went to the list to register.
Got a message telling me I was already registered.

Thought I should contact the list admin to clarify the list directory issue.
Discovered I was a list admin....

Digged into my "A important" folder to retrieve an hypothetical password
Found nothing...

Contacted my fellow admins and sent a test message :)
Everything works

On 3/29/13 1:38 PM, Thehelpfulone wrote:
Just as a point of clarification, fundraiser@ is the new public list with public archives replacing the old private fundraising@ mailing list. You've all been subscribed for your convenience because you were previously subscribed to fundraising@.

Flo - are we planning to use this list this year, and if so should we make it show up in the main list directory,

On 29 March 2013 12:35, Florence Devouard <> wrote:
yes it was ;)


On 3/29/13 1:23 PM, Tomer Ashur wrote:

Or not...

On Mar 29, 2013 3:09 PM, "Craig Franklin" <> wrote:
Your test was successful!

On 29 March 2013 21:26, Florence Devouard <> wrote:

Fundraiser mailing list

Fundraiser mailing list

Fundraiser mailing list

Fundraiser mailing list


Fundraiser mailing list