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Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription. To visit the general information page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended.

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List Description
1lib1ref #1Lib1Ref general list
Abstract-Wikipedia General public mailing list for the discussion of Abstract Wikipedia (aka Wikilambda)
Accounts-enwiki-l Internal discussion between the English Wikipedia's account creation team
Affcom-members The Affiliations Committee (formerly known as Chapters Committee, colloquially AffCom)
Affiliates Wikimedia Movement Affiliates discussion list
African-wikimedia-developers Mailing list for Africa Wikimedia Developers.
African-Wikimedians Mailing list for African Wikimedians
AI Application of Artificial Intelligence and other advanced computing strategies to Wikimedia Projects
All-affiliates Wikimedia Affiliates
Ambassador-announce-l Announcements for the Wikipedia Ambassador Program of English Wikipedia
Analytics A mailing list for the Analytics Team at WMF and everybody who has an interest in Wikipedia and analytics.
Analytics-announce Analytics team's announcements about upcoming infrastructure maintenance work (host reboots, dowtime, etc..) and software/tools upgrades.
Arbcom-cs [no description available]
ArtAndFem Mailing list for Art+Feminism
Audience-Research Mailing list for the Wikimedia Foundation's audience research project
Best-practices Best practices documentation team
Betacluster-alerts [no description available]
BiblioWiki Lista per coordinare wikibibliotecari
Bilderberg-l Working group on Bilderberg projects
Board-nominations [no description available]
Bureaucrats-nl-wikipedia NL Wikipedia Bureaucrat list
Celticknot [no description available]
Chairpersons Internal mailing list for the Wikimedia's affiliations chairpersons
Chapters-reports [OBSOLETE] Reports on Wikimedia Chapters activity
CheckUser-l Private communication for users with the Checkuser permission.
Cloud Wikimedia Cloud Services general discussion and support
Cloud-announce Announcements for users of Wikimedia Cloud Services
cochrane-announce mailing list for Cochrane Collaboration-Wikipedia initiative announcements
Collaboration-team Wikimedia Foundation Collaboration Team
Commons-l Wikimedia Commons Discussion List
Commons-POTY Commons Picture of the Year Committee (private list)
CommunityResources-l Mailing list for updates about Wikimedia Foundation Grants from the Community Resources team.
Covid-19-stats COVID-19 Statistics
CVN Countervandalism Network
Dagbani Dagbani Wikimedians Usergroup
Daily-article-he ערך ויקיפדיה מומלץ ביום
daily-article-l English Wikipedia Article of the Day
daily-image-l Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Day
Denkmal-AT Austrian Monuments Collaboration
Design Design.Public
Destacado-l El articulo destacado de Wikipedia en tu correo / Daily article (Spanish)
Deutschschweiz Internal communication between volunteers to plan and fix activities, to-dos
Digitization Mailing list for the Wikimedia Digitization User Group
Discourse test list to sync with
Discovery A public mailing list about Wikimedia Search and Discovery projects
Discovery-alerts Automated notifications to search platform team
Docker-SIG Mailing list for the MediaWiki Docker SIG
Don-Wikimedians Don Wikimedians User Group mailing list
Educacao-BR Lista do grupo Wiki Educação Brasil
Education Wikimedia Education
education-collab The Education Collaborative (Public List)
education-collab-private The Education Collaborative (Public List)
Education-nl Education program in the Netherlands
Education-SA Saudi Arabia Education Program mailing list
Eduwiki Wikipedia & Education User Group
Egyptopedia-l Egyptopedia - L'egyptologique de Wikipedia / Egyptology Wikipedia
Elf Education and Legislative Forum
ELiSo VMEO - Esperanto kaj Libera Scio [POSSIBLE RENAME]
ELiSo-anoncoj VMEO-anoncoj (Esperanto kaj Libera Scio) [POSSIBLE RENAME]
EngProd Engineering Productivity team at the Wikimedia Foundation.
EngProd-Mgt Engineering Productivity team manangement coordination
Festivalsommer-teilnehmer participants of the [[de:WP:Festivalsommer]] project
Foa-cron Mentors and students for the wikimedia-cron FOA project
Foreground Discussion about the Mediawiki skin Foreground (
Gendergap Addressing gender equity and exploring ways to increase the participation of women within Wikimedia projects.
GLAM Wikimedia & GLAM collaboration [Public]
GLAM-US North American Cultural Partnerships
GLAM-US-Consortium GLAM-Wiki U.S. Consortium advisory board
Global-renamers Internal discussions for global renamers.
Global-sysops Global sysops discussion list
GLOW A mailing list is for all Project GLOW operations teams
Gozetmen Turkish Wikipedia oversighters
greenspun-illustrations Discussion of the Philip Greenspun illustration project
Hackathonorganizers [no description available]
hch-working-group Community Health and Harassment working group
Huggle List for huggle developers and support
Iberocoop Lista pública de Iberocoop
Iberocoop-internal Lista de representantes de Iberocoop
Incubator the Wikimedia Incubator
Indic-wikisource Indic Wikisource related discussion of 12 languages
InfoBG-L Balgarskite proekti na Wikimedia / Bulgarian Wikipedia
iwsc International Wiki Scientific Conference general organization and scientific committee discussions
Langcom Wikimedia Foundation Language Committee
langcom-internal WMF Langcom (private)
Langcom-l WMF Langcom (private)
Languageconverter A list for LanguageConverter module authors, maintainers, and interested folks to coordinate maintenance and pose/answer technical questions on transliterations.
Languages Languages discussion and Wikimedia Indigenous Languages
Lessanspages A mailing list for les sans pagEs project
Libraries Wikimedia & Libraries
Librarycard-dev Uptime and error notifications for the Library Card platform
Listadmins List for discussions and announcements related to
Local-dev Discussion of local development environments and topics
LocalGroups [OBSOLETE] Mailing lists for co-operation between local Wikimedia groups
Maps-l Map integration
MediaWiki-announce MediaWiki update and security announcements list
Mediawiki-api MediaWiki API announcements & discussion
Mediawiki-api-announce MediaWiki API announcements
MediaWiki-commits MediaWiki gerrit commits
MediaWiki-Debian Coordination around the MediaWiki packaging in Debian
MediaWiki-distributors [OBSOLETE] MediaWiki package maintainers
Mediawiki-enterprise MediaWiki for enterprises
Mediawiki-i18n MediaWiki internationalisation
MediaWiki-l MediaWiki announcements and site admin list
meta-oversight Meta-Wiki oversighters
MetaVid-l MetaVidWiki project discussion and development
metawiki-admins Meta-Wiki administrators
Mk-shared-knowledge [no description available]
Mobile-l Mobile server and supported mobile platforms
MoveCom Movement communications group mailing list
Multimedia Wikimedia Foundation Multimedia Team
Multimedia-Alerts Automated Multimedia Alerts
Newprojects Announcement list for new Wikimedia wikis
NewReaders Mailing list for the New Readers program at the Wikimedia Foundation
nwr-hist North-West Russia Wiki-Historians User Group
Offline-l Using Wikimedia projects and MediaWiki offline
OFWA Open Foundation West Africa mailing list
Open-GLAM A list for people interested in open access, open data and open content in the cultural heritage sector. See for more info about this community.
OpenAccess Open Access discussions
Otrs-ar Internal discussion list for Arabic OTRS volunteers
Otrs-de-l Liste fur die deutschsprachigen OTRS-Helfer / German OTRS discussion
Otrs-en-l English OTRS discussion list
Otrs-es Lista de discusion de OTRS en espanol / Spanish OTRS discussion
Otrs-fr Discussions OTRS en francais / French OTRS discussion
Otrs-he Hebrew OTRS discussion
Otrs-it-l Lista di discussione relativa a OTRS / Italian OTRS discussion
Otrs-ru Russian OTRS discussion
Otrs-zh 中文志工回覆團隊討論 / 中文志愿者回复团队讨论 / Chinese OTRS discussion
Oversight-ko-wp Korean Wikipedia Oversighters (discussion only)
Oversight-request-fiwiki-l Pyynnot pysyvien haivytysten suorittamiseksi suomenkielisesta Wikipediasta / Finnish Wikipedia oversighters
Oversight-wp-simple Requests to permanently remove personal information from the Simple English Wikipedia
packaging [no description available]
Phabricator-reports Automatic maintenance mails for Phabricator admins
Photoreporters A mailing list for photoreporters from Wikimedia Commons
Press-nl Wikimedia Nederland Press Releases
Pressemeldungen Informations-Pool des deutschen Wikinews-Projekts / German Wikinews project
Privacy-fr-wp Discussions masqueurs en francais / French Wikipedia oversighters (privacy) discussion
Publicpolicy Publicpolicy Group for Wikimedia
Publicpolicy-private [no description available]
pywikibot Pywikibot discussion list
pywikibot-announce Pywikibot announcements
pywikibot-bugs Monitor updates to Bugzilla or Phabricator bug tracker
Pywikibot-commits Pywikibot-commits
QA-Alerts Mailing list for Quality Assurance alerts
Quarto-l Wikimedia newsletter discussion
Recruitment Internal list to facilitate contact with the recruitment team
Research-Internal Cross-departmental internal list for all researchers at the WMF
Research-newsletter Wikimedia Research Newsletter
Research-wmf Internal communication for the WMF Research team
Sectrainings WMF digital security trainings undertaken by T&S
Services Service development and REST API related discussions
Social-media Social media discussion list for Wikimedia projects
Spcom Sister Projects Committee
Staff-voice [no description available]
Stewards-l Private list for stewards
Strategy [ARCHIVED] Mailing list for discussion coordinators of the movement strategy process
Sustainability Environmental sustainability
Tawikisource Mailing list for discussions about Tamil wikisource / தமிழ் விக்கிமூலம்
Test A test list for list server admins
Test-second [no description available]
Testeng Test Engineering Team
Testing [no description available]
testing-infrastructure Contact email list for all things testing infrastructure. This email list is monitored by the WMF Quality and Test Engineering team.
Textbook-l Wikimedia textbook discussion
toolforge-standards-committee List for the Toolforge standards committee
Toolhub-dev Discussion of Toolhub development
Tools-nlwikibots Mailing list to contact maintainers of the nlwikibots bot on
Toolserver-announce Wikimedia Toolserver Announcements
Translators-l Wikimedia Translators
Travel [no description available]
Treasurers Treasurers and finance staff and Audit Committees
Unblock-en-l Internal discussion between admins using the new Unblock Ticket Request System (UTRS)
Unblock-pt-l Unblock requests for Portuguese Wikipedia. Pedidos de desbloqueio para a Wikipédia Lusófona.
Unblock-zh 中文维基百科封禁申诉 / 中文維基百科封禁申訴 / Unblock request for zhwiki
Usjp-wikiclub Sri Jayewardenepura University Wiki Club
VereinAT-l Mailingliste von Wikimedia Österreich / mailing list of Wikimedia Austria (WMAT)
VereinDE-l Mailingliste zu Wikimedia Deutschland e. V. / mailing list of Wikimedia Deutschland e. V. Listenadministratoren: Kilian Kluge, Benni Bärmann und Moritz Rahm
VMEO-estraro Estraro Esperanto kaj Libera Scio (ELiSo / VMEO)
Volunteer-supporters [no description available]
Vvitwikiconnect Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology Wiki Club
WAM-announce Wikipedia Asian Month - announcements to local organizers
Wdqs-gui-build Private mailing list for WDQS GUI builds (T189810)
Wep For communication between all people of the Wikipedia Education Program
WIKI-BNCF coordination with National Library of Florence
Wiki-research-l [no description available]
WikiALS-l Alemanic Wikipedia discussion
Wikiapiary Communication about WikiApiary site
Wikiar-l Mailing list for Arabic Wikipedia Discussion
Wikibaseug Wikibase Community User Group
WikiBEtarask Belarusian Tarakievica Wikipedia mailing list
WikiBG-L Community list of bg.wikipedia
Wikibooks-bn Mailing list for the Bengali wikibooks
Wikibots-l Wikimedia bot editors discussion
WikiCA-l Els projectes Wikimedia en català / Wikimedia projects discussion in Catalan
WikiConference-India WikiConference India 2016
WikiCS-l ÄŒeskĂĄ Wikipedie / Czech Wikipedia
WikiDA-l Diskussionsliste for den danske Wikipedia / Danish Wikipedia discussion
Wikidata Discussion list for the Wikidata project
Wikidata-bugs Bug reporting list for the Wikidata project.
wikidata-oversight Wikidata oversight list for case discussion
Wikidata-tech Wikidata technical discussion
WikiDE-l Mailingliste der deutschsprachigen Wikipedia / German Wikipedia discussion
Wikidebate General mailing list for the Wikidebate project
WikiEL Greek Wikimedia Mailing List
WikiEN-l [ARCHIVED] English Wikipedia
WikiEO-l La esperanta vikipedio. / Esperanto Wikipedia discussion
Wikies-l Lista de correo de Wikipedia en espanol / Spanish Wikipedia discussion
Wikieu-l Euskarazko Wikipediaren posta-zerrenda / Basque Wikipedia discussion
Wikifa-l Persian Wikipedia Mailing List
Wikifarm [OBSOLETE] Discussion for managers of Wiki Farms
Wikifi-admin Suomenkielisen Wikipedian yllapitajat /Wiki-fi administrators
Wikifr-colloque-l [CLOSED] Colloque francophone 2007 sur Wikipedia / 2007 French Wikipedia Conference
WikiFR-l Liste de diffusion de la Wikipedia francophone / French Wikipedia discussion
Wikihe-l Hebrew Wikipedia discussion
Wikihi-l Hindi Wikipedia
Wikihu-l A magyar Wikipedia levelezolistaja / Hungarian Wikipedia discussion
Wikiid-l Indonesian Wikipedia discussion
WikiIS-l íslenska Wikipedia / Icelandic Wikipedia discussion
WikiIT-l Discussioni su Wikipedia in italiano / Italian Wikipedia discussion
WikiJA-l Mailing list of Japanese Wikipedia
WikiJournal-en WikiJournal User Group participants and followers
WikiJournal_CoC Mailing list of the Code of Conduct committee for the WikiJournal User Group
Wikikn-l Kannada Wikipedia Discussion List
WikiKO-l Korean Wikipedia Mailing List
Wikilabskultur mailing list for coordinating the Danish "Wiki Labs Kultur"-initiative
Wikilambda General mailing list for the discussion of Wikilambda
wikilovesafrica Wiki Loves Africa public list
wikilovesafrica-organizers Mailing list for coordination between members of the global team organising the Wiki Loves Africa contest. This is a private list for its members only
Wikilovesearth Wiki Loves Earth Photograph Competition
WikiLovesMonuments Wiki Loves Monuments Photograph Competition
WikiLovesPublicArt Wiki Loves Public Art Photograph Competition
Wikimania-cot Wikimania Core Organizing Team
Wikimania-l Wikimania general list (open subscription)
Wikimaps Mailing list for the Wikimaps project
Wikimedia-am [no description available]
Wikimedia-asia-chapters Asian Wikimedia Chapters coordination
Wikimedia-AU-Announce Wikimedia Australia Announcements
Wikimedia-AU-Members Wikimedia Australia Members list
Wikimedia-az Azerbaijani Wikimedians User Group
Wikimedia-BD Discussion list for Bangladeshi Wikimedians
Wikimedia-BD-Internal Wikimedia Bangladesh Internal List
Wikimedia-BO Wikimedistas de Bolivia
Wikimedia-boston Social list for Boston-area Wikimedia gatherings
Wikimedia-bpy Bishnypriya Manipuri language speakers across all Wikimedia platforms
Wikimedia-california Wikimedia California
Wikimedia-Cascadia Wikimedia Cascadia group mailing list
Wikimedia-CI Wikimedia Community User Group Cote d'Ivoire mailing list
Wikimedia-CM Mailing list for Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group
Wikimedia-CO Lista de correos de Wikimedia Colombia / Mailing list for Wikimedia Colombia
Wikimedia-Cuteness Mailing list for the Wikimedia Cuteness Association
Wikimedia-DE-BY Bayern-Mailingliste fur Wikimedia-Projekte / Wikimedians in Bavaria
Wikimedia-dz The mailing list of the Algerian Wikimedians
Wikimedia-EC Lista de comunicación interna del grupo de usuarios Wikimedistas de Ecuador
Wikimedia-en-abuse Internal list used by the Wikipedia Abuse Response Team
wikimedia-eo VMEO - Esperanto kaj Libera Scio [POSSIBLE RENAME]
wikimedia-eo-anoncoj VMEO-anoncoj (Esperanto kaj Libera Scio) [POSSIBLE RENAME]
Wikimedia-fi Wikimedia Finland mailing list
Wikimedia-GE Wikimedia Georgia planning list
Wikimedia-genealogy Discussion about the Wikimedia genealogy project.
Wikimedia-GH Wikimedia Ghana User Group
Wikimedia-gin Communauté d'utilisateur Wikimédia Guinée Conakry
Wikimedia-il Wikimedia Israel mailing list
Wikimedia-il-assembly Wikimedia Israel General Assembly list
Wikimedia-IL-EDU Wikimedia Israel Education team
Wikimedia-IL-GLAM Wikimedia Israel GLAM coordination
Wikimedia-il-updates Wikimedia Israel updates
Wikimedia-IN-AMD Ahmedabad Wikimedians
Wikimedia-in-blr Mailing list for Wikimedians / Wikipedians in & from Bangalore, India
Wikimedia-in-chn Mailing list for Wikimedians / Wikipedians in & from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Wikimedia-in-cis Wikimedia India and the Centre for Internet and Society
Wikimedia-in-del Wikimedia Mailing List for New Delhi and NCR
Wikimedia-in-en Wikimedians working on India related content on English Wikipedia & related projects.
Wikimedia-in-hyd Mailing list for Wikimedians / Wikipedians in & from Hyderabad , India.
Wikimedia-in-member [no description available]
Wikimedia-IN-MLR Wikimedians in Mangalore, India
Wikimedia-in-mum Mailing list for Wikimedians / Wikipedians in & from Mumbai , India.
Wikimedia-in-newsletter Subscription list for Wikimedia India Newsletter
Wikimedia-in-newsletter-editors Wikimedia India Newsletter Editors
Wikimedia-IN-PUN Mailing list for Wikimedians in Pune, India
Wikimedia-in-WB Wikimedians in and from West Bengal, India
Wikimedia-iq Iraqi Wikimedians
Wikimedia-KH Wikimedia Cambodia/ Khmer Wikipedia
Wikimedia-kk Kazakh Wikipedia
Wikimedia-KR Mailing list for Wikimedians in South Korea
Wikimedia-KR-membership Private mailing list for members of the Wikimedians of Korea User Group
Wikimedia-l Wikimedia Mailing List
Wikimedia-levant Mailing list for Wikimedians of the Levant user group.
Wikimedia-LK Mailing list for the Wikimedia Community User Group Sri Lanka (UG-LK)
Wikimedia-lv Wikimedians of Latvia User Group list
Wikimedia-MA Wikimedia Morocco User Group
Wikimedia-mai Maithili Wikimedians
Wikimedia-Medicine Wiki Medicine discussion
Wikimedia-mk Internal mailing list for Wikimedia Macedonia
Wikimedia-mm Myanmar Wikimedia Community User Group (MWCUG)
Wikimedia-MR A mailing list for Marathi Wikimedia contributors
Wikimedia-MX Wikimedia Mexico - lista abierta
Wikimedia-MY Wikimedia Malaysia Community
Wikimedia-nd Wikimedia User Group Niger Delta
Wikimedia-ng [no description available]
Wikimedia-no E-postliste for medlemmer av Wikimedia Norge / Wikimedia Norge Chapter
Wikimedia-Northern-Europe Mailing list for Wikimedia contributors based in Northern Europe
Wikimedia-nys discussion list for Noongar language projects
Wikimedia-PA Mailing list for the Punjabi Wikimedians user group
Wikimedia-PE Lista de correo para el grupo de usuarios Wikimedistas de Perú
Wikimedia-ped An announcement only mailing list for Learning and Evaluation
Wikimedia-PH Wikimedia Philippines mailing list
Wikimedia-PK Wikimedia affiliate in Pakistan
Wikimedia-RU Wikimedia Russia
Wikimedia-SAARC Wikimedia South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
Wikimedia-search A public mailing list about Wikimedia Search and Discovery projects
Wikimedia-search-private Internal communications for WMF search and discovery team
Wikimedia-SF San Francisco Bay Area Wikimedians
Wikimedia-SF-MakerFaire SF MakerFaire planning list
Wikimedia-SG Wikimedia Singapore
Wikimedia-SK Wikimedia SK
Wikimedia-SK-oznamy Oznamy Wikimedie Slovensko
Wikimedia-tamazight Wikimedians of Tamazight User Group
Wikimedia-Tchad The Wikimedia user group of Chad
Wikimedia-TH Wikimedians in Thailand
Wikimedia-tr Wikimedia Topluluğu Kullanıcı Grubu Türkiye
Wikimedia-ua-announce Wikimedia Ukraine's announces list
Wikimedia-us-chi [no description available]
Wikimedia-US-CO Wikimedians in Colorado
Wikimedia-US-FL Wikimedians in Florida
Wikimedia-US-GA-ATL Wikimedians in Atlanta, Georgia
wikimedia-us-ia Wikimedians of Iowa
wikimedia-us-ia-board [no description available]
Wikimedia-us-mn Minnesota Wikimedians
Wikimedia-US-MW Midwest US Chapter planning list
Wikimedia-US-NC North Carolina Wikipedians
Wikimedia-US-NYC-Discuss Wikimedia New York City Discussion list
Wikimedia-US-OH Ohio Wikimedians User Group, United States
Wikimedia-UY Wikimedia Uruguay mailing list
Wikimedia-vn Vietnam Wikimedians User Group
Wikimedia-wcuga Wikimedia Community User Group Albania
Wikimedia-yo Yoruba Wikimedians User Group
Wikimedia_NYC New York City Wikimedians
WikimediaAnnounce-l Announcements and reports of the Wikimedia movement
Wikimediaau-l Australian Wikimedians mailing list
WikimediaBE-l Wikimedia Belgium general list
WikimediaBR-l Lista de emails do Wiki Movimento Brasil
WikimediaBY Wikimedia Belarus email list
Wikimediach-de Wikimedians in Switzerland -German
Wikimediach-fr French language Wikimedians in Switzerland
Wikimediach-it Wikimedians in Switzerland -Italian
Wikimediach-l Wikimedians in Switzerland
Wikimediaco-L Lista de discusion de Wikimedia Colombia / Wikimedia Colombia Chapter
WikimediaCR Wikimedistas de Costa Rica
WikimediaCZ-l Wikimedia Česká republika Mailing List
WikimediaDK Wikimedia Denmark Chapter
Wikimediafr Wikimedia France alternate public mailing list
Wikimediafr-l Discussion a propos de l'association Wikimedia France / Wikimedia France Chapter
Wikimediahk Wikimedia Hong Kong, the Local Wikimedia Chapter in Hong Kong
WikimediaHR Wikimedia Croatia Chapter
WikimediaIE Wikimedia IE
Wikimediaindia-l Wikimedia India Community list
WikimediaMY Wikimedia Malaysia Community
Wikimedianl-l De mailinglijst voor de Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland / Wikimedia Netherlands Chapter
WikimediaNZ-l Proposed New Zealand Wikimedia User Group
Wikimediapa-l Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Wikimedians
WikimediaPL-l Lista dyskusyjna polskiego afilianta Wikimedia – Wikimedia Polska
WikimediaPT Lista de discussão da Wikimedia Portugal
Wikimediareference-l Discussion about the use reference sources by Wikimedians
WikimediaRS-INFO Wikimedia Serbia Info
WikimediaRU-l Wikimedia RU internal
WikimediaSE-L Wikimedia Sverige
Wikimediasr-l Mailing list for all Wikimedia projects in Serbian language
WikimediaUA The Ukrainian Wikimedia Chapter Members List
Wikimediauk-l UK Wikimedia mailing list
Wikimediaus-l Wikimedians Active in Local Regions of the United States (WALRUS)
WikiMediterraneans [no description available]
Wikimk-l Macedonian Wikipedia
Wikiml-l Malayalam Wikimedia Project Mailing list
Wikimy-l Myanmar Wikipedia mailing list
Wikinews-accreditation An internal mailing list for verifying accreditation requests
Wikinews-de-l Liste des deutschen Wikinews-Projekts / German Wikinews projects
Wikinews-FA Discussion list for Persian Wikinews
Wikinews-hotline Incoming voicemails submitted to the Wikinews Hotline
Wikinews-l Wikinews mailing list
Wikinews-pl Lista dyskusyjna i kontaktowa polskiej wersji Wikinews
Wikinews-SR-l Serbian Wikinews Email list
Wikinews-zh 中文维基新闻邮件列表 / 中文維基新聞郵件列表 / Mailing list for Chinese Wikinews
WikiNL-l De discussielijst van de Nederlandstalige Wikipedia / Dutch Wikipedia discussion
Wikinn-l Nynorsk Wikipedia
WikiNO-l Norsk diskusjonsliste / Norwegian Wikipedia discussion
Wikipedia-af Discussion list for Afrikaan speaking contributors
Wikipedia-AS অসমীয়া ৱিকিপিডিয়া / Assamese Wikipedia
Wikipedia-BN বাংলা উইকিপিডিয়া
Wikipedia-bn-help Bangladesh Wikipedia help
Wikipedia-CAK Kaqchikel Wikipetya' / Kaqchikel Wikipedia discussion
Wikipedia-en-editfilters English Wikipedia edit filter manager mailing list
Wikipedia-en-signpost-priv Newsroom chat
Wikipedia-fa-tech Mailing list of technical discussions in Persian Wikipedia
Wikipedia-fr-comite-nomination Liste de coordination des membres du comit� de nomination de Wikip�dia en fran�ais. Coordination list for French Wikipedia OS & CU nominators.
Wikipedia-FR-Wikimag Wikimag (french "Wikipedia Signpost")
Wikipedia-gu Discussion on Gujarati Wiki Projects
Wikipedia-Humanities Mailing list for humanities-based outreach in the Wikipedia community
Wikipedia-ja-del Wikipedia-JA sysops and eliminators
Wikipedia-KO-Admins Private discussion amongst Korean Wikipedia admins
Wikipedia-l Wikipedia mailing list
Wikipedia-Library Mailing list for the Wikipedia Library project
Wikipedia-mai Discussion list for the Maithili Wikipedia
Wikipedia-ne [no description available]
Wikipedia-OR Odia Wikipedia
Wikipedia-PA Punjabi Wikipedia
Wikipedia-pt-saude Lista do Wikiprojeto Saúde na Wikipédia em português
Wikipedia-sah Sakha Wikipedia mailing list
wikipedia-sat Santali Wikipedia
Wikipedia-SQ Albanian Wikipedia mailing list
WikiPL-l Lista dyskusyjna polskojęzycznej Wikipedii / Polish Wikipedia discussion
WikiPT Portuguese Wikipedia
Wikiquality-l Wikimedia Quality Discussions
Wikiquote-l Mailing list for the Wikiquote projects
Wikiro-l [CLOSED] Romanian Wikipedia discussion
Wikisa-l Discussion on Sanskrit wikipedia
Wikisource-l discussion list for Wikisource, the free library
Wikispecies-admin Discussion list for the administrators of Wikispecies
Wikispecies-l Mailing list for Wikispecies, a free species directory
Wikispore Wikispore experimental project
WikiSV-l Sandlista for svenska Wikipedia / Swedish Wikipedia discussion
Wikita-l Tamil Wikipedia
WikiTe-L తెలుగు వికీపీడియా చర్చ / Telugu Wikipedia discussion
Wikitech-ambassadors Coordination of technology deployments across languages/projects
Wikitech-l For developers discussing technical aspects and organization of Wikimedia projects
Wikitext-l Parsoid and wikitext discussion
Wikitr-l Turkce Wikipedia listesi (Turkish Wikipedia mailing list)
WikiUK-l Список розсилки української Вікіпедії / Ukrainian Wikipedia discussion
Wikiur-l Mailing list for Urdu Wiki's
Wikiversity-l Mailing list for Wikiversity
Wikiversityde-l German Wikiversity
Wikivi-l Mailing list for Vietnamese Wikipedia
Wikivideo-l Opportunities for video in the Wikimedia universe - tech help
Wikivoyage-fa Discussion list for Persian Wikivoyage
Wikivoyage-l Wikivoyage Mailing List
Wikivoyage-PL Polish Wikivoyage mailing list/Lista dyskusyjna Wikipodrozy
Wikiwomencamp Participants in Wikiwomen Camp 2017
WikiX-l Planning for WP 10th anniversary - ARCHIVED
Wikizh-bureaucrats mailing list to provide internal communication for bureaucrats of zh.wikipedia
Wikizh-l 中文维基百科邮件列表/中文維基百科郵件列表/Mailing list for the Chinese Wikipedia
Wiktionary-l The Wiktionary ( mailing list
WiktionaryDE-l Wiktionary auf Deutsch / German Wiktionary discussion
Wiktionarypt-l Portuguese Wiktionary
Wiscom Wiki Indaba Steering Committee
WLL public mailling list for anything related to the Wiki Loves Love photo contest
WLM-Announce the announcements-only mailing list for the Wiki Loves Monuments competition
WMC-general 中国大陆维基人用户组
WMC-liaisons Wikimedians of Mainland China's Liaisons
wmfkids A list for Wikimedia Foundation parents
WMNO-Sami [no description available]
Women-iberocoop-contest List to organize the contest The women you have never met
WP.Epilepsy The ILAE Wikipedia project is an attempt to revive WP:Epilepsy
wpwp Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos
Wpwp-organizers Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos Organizing Team
Wren Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network
Wwh Wiki World Heritage User Group
Xmldatadumps-l Discussion List for Wikimedia's XML Database Dumps
XTools Discussion list for xTools

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