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shi zhao shizhao at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 06:27:55 UTC 2005

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From: Erik Moeller <moeller at scireview.de>
Date: 2005-8-21 下午5:44
Subject: Chinese Wikinews
To: shizhao at gmail.com

Hi Shizhao,

I've noticed that you have set up the key pages for the Chinese edition
of Wikinews. I'd like to help you behind the scenes to get the project
on the way. The current objections, as you know, relate to the issue of
censorship in mainland China.

Has there been a new poll among Chinese Wikipedians on whether the
project should be allowed to start? What is the current opinion in the
Chinese Wikipedia?

If you feel that there is sufficient community support for it, the next
step I suggest is to subscribe and post on


a request to start the project. I can help you write that letter if you



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