[Wikizh-l] Re: problem with wikipedia.org log in

pubuhan pubuhan at msn.com
Fri Aug 19 13:15:30 UTC 2005

please see change user name 
"ZH Wikipedia" <zh.wikipedia at gmail.com> 
??????:3238fb28050816172147c29885 at mail.gmail.com...
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From: Xin Zhang <cyferzhang at gmail.com>
Date: Aug 16, 2005 11:19 PM
Subject: problem with wikipedia.org log in
To: zh.wikipedia at gmail.com

Hello, Dear Admin,

I forget my password at wikipedia.org and the system didn't send a new
password to me. So could you help me regain my user name?

I have a user name of "Cyfer" at wikipedia.org, and I contributed some
items in the polymer and related areas.  In most case I post from Hope this could help.


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