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Steven Walling swalling at wikimedia.org
Sat Jan 8 23:35:06 UTC 2011

Hi everyone, 

So we're about a week away from the anniversary, and there more than 275 events listed on ten.wikipedia.org. Whether you're an informal meet-up of a dozen people or a conference for hundreds led by a chapter, we're going to use this week to run CentralNotice banners on Wikimedia sites to remind readers of the anniversary and promote your activities. (I'm going to repeat the following details on the tenwiki Village Pump if you prefer to read it there.)

We're currently running a banner on English Wikipedia that links directly to tenwiki and is awaiting further translation. (We will also be translating the Main Page of tenwiki further. Let me know if you want to help with both those translation projects.) The priority here is threefold: 

1. Educate people about the 10th anniversary in general.
2. Link to a comprehensive list of online and offline events so that people can choose the event that interests them.
3. Show people the enormously diverse number of things our movement is doing to celebrate.

Considering that we're only running the 10th anniversary messages for a week, we did not plan for a large number of different banner designs. However, if you're an organizing group that would like to run your own banner design or directly link to your event in your country, that is definitely welcome contingent on a few basic requirements:

1. Just to state the obvious, the banner needs to be localized fully and will only run for visitors in your country who are on the wiki the banner is localized for.
2. The banner will need to mention both the 10th anniversary (remember, most people have no idea it's happening) and that there are events to join. A banner that merely mentions a single party or other kind of event without context would fail to do justice to the anniversary and the other volunteers who have worked hard to make it memorable.
3. The banner can link to your event's ten.wikipedia.org page or a landing page elsewhere. To link directly to a page off tenwiki, that page needs to clearly mention and link back to the other events on tenwiki (so that people don't end up at a dead end if they don't find what they're looking for). If there are multiple events happening in your country, then whatever page the banner links needs to mention all of them. 
4. You need to submit this banner directly to me so that we don't miss any submissions. If you want to put it on-wiki first and simply link to it in your email, that's great. 

If you're still with me here, thanks for reading, and thanks for everything you're doing to make the 10th anniversary great. If you have questions, please let me know. 

Steven Walling
Fellow at the Wikimedia Foundation

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