[Wikiversity-l] IRC meeting: What is Wikiversity?

John Schmidt johnwschmidt at excite.com
Wed Dec 5 15:13:32 UTC 2007

I've been told that for some languages, people are moving away from the idea that all Wikiversity-type stuff has to be taken out of Wikibooks and moved into a corresponding Wikiversity website. This seems to be leading some people to ask, "Why bother making new Wikiversity websites if we can do everything in Wikibooks?" In particular, the request for a Greek language Wikiversity has been "conditionally approved" but is now held up, apparently because some people do not think that a Greek Wikiversity is needed is its mission can actually be done at Greek Wikibooks.

Personally, I find this situation to be confusing. Maybe we can start sorting this out by having a meeting on IRC (see link below). I also encourage those who will not be ably to participate in the meeting to make comments either in this email list or on the talk page at the beta.wikiversity.org page linked to below.




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