[Wikitext-l] Quick updates: stub function & tag hook descriptions, context interface, ParserPlayground

Brion Vibber brion.vibber at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 00:44:24 UTC 2011

I've started throwing some initial notes into the various sub-sections
listed here:

Adding very brief stubs describing the various default & some of the common
extension parser function & tag hooks, the beginnings of some notes on the
parser<->context interface (which will need to provide access to template
fetches, page lookups, and various information such as language, available
hooks of various types, current time, etc).



The function & tag hook descriptions can use filling out, and anything that
looks tricky to implement should get explicitly noted! We know that some
functions will not be fully implemented in the JavaScript editing versions
(no immediate need to do a standalone Latex interpreter!) while others will
probably need to be tested in this environment early on like the if/switch

These will also need sane ways to represent them during editing --
suggestions are welcome!

I've been updating the ParserPlayground gadget files as an in-SVN version
Extension:ParserPlayground -- you can enable this version on any local trunk
test wiki by pulling it from extensions SVN and enabling it. This lets us
keep the master copy versioned more easily than just keeping the pages on
MediaWiki.org as gadget files. There are a few changes such as making the
inspector mode enableble/disablable and when it's off offering a primitive
editing feature, starting to integrate into the WikiEditor toolbar

The gadget on MediaWiki.org will switch over to use that later this week
(prototyped by my updates to the CodeEditor gadget and extension last couple
weeks); it still needs to be made a little more pluggable, retain its state
better, and have a more editing-centric rendering output.


-- brion
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