[Wikitext-l] New parser: Kiwi

Karl Matthias karl at matthias.org
Wed Feb 2 00:42:41 UTC 2011

> Alan Post wrote:
> >* Interesting.  Is the PEG grammar available for this parser?
> *>*
> *>* -Alan
> *
> It's at https://github.com/AboutUs/kiwi/blob/master/src/syntax.leg
> Get peg/leg from http://piumarta.com/software/peg/
> I just tried it and already found a bug on the first Hello World (it
> surrounds headers inside paragraphs).
> It strangely converts templates into underscored words. They may be
> expecting some other parser piece to restore it. I'm pretty sure there
> are corner cases in the preprocessor (eg. just looking at the peg file
> they don't handle mixed case noincludes), but I don't think that should
> need to be handled by the parser itself.
> The grammar looks elegant. I doubt it can really handle full wikitext.
> But it would be so nice if it did...
I'm one of the authors of the Kiwi parser and will be presenting it at the
Data Summit on Friday.  The parser is pretty complete but certainly we could
use some community support and we encourage feedback and participation!  It
is a highly functional tool already but it can use some polish.  It does
actually handle most wikitext, though not absolutely everything.

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