[Wikitext-l] Wikitext Madness of the Day: List Items

Daniel Kinzler daniel at brightbyte.de
Thu Aug 12 07:35:03 UTC 2010

Liangent schrieb:
> On 8/11/10, Daniel Kinzler <daniel at brightbyte.de> wrote:
>> Or keep the old parser around to deal with old revisions. Revisions that
>> work
>> with the new parser can be flagged as such.
> This made me think of Quirks mode in browsers.
> We can make the new parser (and standardized wikitext syntax) more
> strict by treating many edge cases as errors, and if the new parser
> detected any error when parsing, use the old parser instead.

There are no errors. This is an axiom of wiki markup: any text is valid wiki
text. It may not look like what you though it would, but there will be no
"syntax error" messages, ever.

We *could* however issue warnings. That could actually be helpful. Perhaps in
the form of special css classes / hidden markers, that can be made visible with
some JS gadget. Maybe they should even be visible per default to logged in users.

-- daniel

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