[Wikitech-l] Define and Formalize wiki markup

Dirk Riehle dirk at riehle.org
Tue Apr 25 09:49:27 UTC 2006

I realize you are talking about MediaWiki markup 
only, but I would like to encourage to also watch 
what other wiki engines are doing. Wiki engine 
implementers will come together at

WikiSym 2006 (www.wikisym.org/ws2006)

and I expect a standardized wiki markup to be an 
important topic (I hope we will have workshop on 
it). In any case, if you proceed with this work, 
I would like to encourage you to keep the wiki 
standards mailing list informed, see


We have plenty of engine implementers there fighting related problems.


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At 24.04.2006, Pedro de Medeiros wrote:
>Hello, list members.
>I have noticed that there is a summer of code project for definition
>and formalization of wiki markup language. But it is stated in the
>current meta-wiki page that this would be "mostly a documentation step
>and developer discipline issue."
>Well, the summer of code rules clearly specify that a valid project
>can't be one of documentation, but of coding (and I assume "discipline
>issues", whatever that means, is also non-coding).
>With that said, I am interest in such project if it involves coding.
>To make this change into a valid summer of code project, I propose to
>do a wiki parser, for which I have already designed some draft rules
>in a yacc/bison manner.
>Who should I talk to? Maybe I can email some of my draft yacc/bison
>parser to the mentor?
>Pedro de Medeiros - Computer Science - University of Brasília
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