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The press team of the Foundation is currently building a press list file and
gathering contact information of journalists and editors of all the major
media (newspapers, magazines, radio, tv) around the world. The aim is to
improve our communication and be able to reach people from all over the
world (not only people from the US and not only people from English-speaking

We are requesting help from the whole community to gather this information.
We have the chance to have a global community of users and volunteers and we
need to take advantage of this chance. Please help us by sending contact
information of journalists and editors you know or from your country.

The basic information are :
Name of the journalist:
First name:
Name and type of the media: (for instance "CNN, worldwide news TV channel")

Any other information about each contact is welcome (area of concentration,
coverage, schedule...).

Please send the information you have got to: press at wikimedia dot org and
*do not answer this email*, I will probably not get the emails since I am
not subscribed to all lists I have posted to.

Thanks for your help!

Guillaume Paumier
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