[Wikipedia-l] PDF generation on the toolserver

Magnus Manske magnusmanske at googlemail.com
Fri Oct 12 23:16:05 UTC 2007

On a note by [[User:Korrigan]], I have adapted (rather, rewritten) the
PDF Export extension for the toolserver. You can now get a single or
multiple Wiki(m|p)edia pages as a PDF, by entering/linking to an URL.
As the extension, I am using HTMLDOC, so the output is as good (or as
bad) as that package. Don't blame me.

I shall demonstrate using our new meme overlord, [[Horse-ripping]],
and the related article [[Zoosadism]] from en.wikipedia:

Additional parameters (add them to the URL):
&language=XX (XX being the language code; en is default)
&project=wikibooks (default:wikipedia)
&nogfdl (3 pages of GFDL are appended by default; add this parameter
to prevent that)

I haven't figured out how to make HTMLDOC generate a TOC. Maybe tomorrow.


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