[Wikipedia-l] be-tarask ISO-code

Tim Starling tstarling at wikimedia.org
Fri May 11 19:55:45 UTC 2007

GerardM wrote:
> Hoi,
> It is quite relevant that the orthography is an IANA and not an ISO-code. In
> the request for the code there is no solution as there are two codes needed
> to be able to distinguish on the code level the different orthographies.
> They only requested a code for the "tarask" vairiety and not the standard
> one. Furthermore in the correspondence associated with it, they do not
> accept that "be" is implicitly the standard orthography.
> Consequently, the project under be-x-old can have internally the codes
> be-tarask, this allows for the proper tagging of the data itself. I do not
> agree to a name change of the project. The best thing would be when both
> projects get of their ideological / politcal high horse and collaborate.

I've renamed the language files and set the language code be-tarask. The
subdomain is still be-x-old.

Berto 'd Sera wrote:
>> So it would be worth rename be-x-old to be-tarask and close the problem 
>> > with that :)
> No. you miss three steps:
> 1) we check that your code is a legal ISO 639-3 code (I'll do that myself)
> 2) your linguistic entity is deviant enough from the normative version to be
> granted more than just an alternative interface (many of you claimed it to
> be "like en_us vs en_uk", remember? Well, we don't have an en_us.wiki).
> 3) your community starts to behave as wmf a community (unity, no hatred,
> co-operation, etc).

None of these steps are required before changing the language code in
MediaWiki, as I have done. Localisations in MediaWiki are identified by
RFC 4646 tags, and no significant difference between variants is required.

-- Tim Starling

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