[Wikipedia-l] Re: Expanding CheckUser permissions

Alphax alphasigmax at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 15:34:47 UTC 2005

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Tony Sidaway wrote:
> Sean Barrett said:
>>>>I think that, for the sort of cases outlined below, CheckUser could
>>>>be used perhaps if the user themselves specifically said it would be
>>>ROTFL!  It means that we should ask every sockpuppet for permission to
>>> check to see if he is a sockpuppet. :-D
>>If the sockpuppet is denying that it is a sockpuppet,
>>it should be willing to give permission, ne?
> Not necessarily.  Someone wrongly accused of being a sock puppet could
> well have objections to an IP check on grounds of privacy.

But how would we know if they were wrongly accused or not, unless we
check? And isn't that already covered by the privacy policy? It's not
like they have a right to deny - anyone who edits Wikipedia should
realise that they're playing Calvinball, and they're not Calvin - and
many other website respect people's privacy far less than Wikipedia
does. Anyway, with dynamic IPv4 and proxy servers, an IP can mean very
little. AOL users are probably more anonymous than logged in users.

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