[Wikipedia-l] A place for audio recordings of books/texts?

Stephen Forrest stephen.forrest at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 07:22:01 UTC 2005

Hello all,

Spurred by some brief experiments with recording pronunciations on
Commons, I am interested (at least conceptually) in making free audio
recordings (licence GFDL, format .ogg) of various important historical
texts or literary works which are now free (public domain or

I suspect there is appetite among volunteers for such a project, and
so I'm wondering whether there is a place for such things in the
Wikimedia world.  (I wouldn't be surprised if this had been discussed
before, though I can't find a reference to it.)

Some natural choices are:

Pro: Focus is on free-content versions of important historical texts
or literary works.
Con: Mandate seems to be only for text, and there is apparently a 5 MB
limit per file.

Pro: No prohibition against sound files (that I can see).
Con: Seems to be intended for collaborative original creations, not
uploaded recordings of a fixed work.  And there is apparently a 5 MB
limit per file.

Pro: Many sound files, and file size limit is larger (20 MB).
Con: Unsure if it's appropriate for this.  Commons is intended for
shared media resources across Wikimedia projects, and I can't see how
(for example) the Catalan Wiktionary would need an audio version of
Chapter 7 of Wuthering Heights.  Existing sound files on the Commons
are all quite short.

Right now I'm leaning towards using the Commons.  Any comments about
this, either about the Commons as a proposed place, or about the idea
in general?

Lastly, would anyone happen to know of any existing archives of free
(as in free-libre) audio recordings available online?



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