[Wikipedia-l] Re: Sanger's memoirs

Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 25 18:59:16 UTC 2005

Mark Williamson a écrit:
> Another reason not to say the p-word: It will invoke the wrath of
> Jimmy Wales for using "porn" and "Wikipedia" in the same e-mail.
> Bjarte, my suggestion is to add a reverse-filter so that all e-mails
> from Wikipedia-l are safe.
> Anyhow back to my point. Wikipedia is somehow related to Bomis
> historically, right? This is a well-established fact, no? It says it
> pretty much everywhere.
> Jimbo himself admits that Bomis deals in porn (although it accounts
> for less than 10% of their revenue), and people who are having
> troubles finding the actual porn as opposed to just the Babe Report
> are advised to go to http://premium.bomis.com (a pay site).
> Thus, I don't see where he gets the idea that the things people are
> saying are wrong. And why did he just say "you're wrong" instead of
> explaining, even after Ant asked him for an explanation? He has sent
> me increasingly rude private e-mails as well rather than discuss it
> calmly on the list.
> Mark

I am quite confident that he will explain it to me one day, perhaps in 
France in front of a beer this summer. I am preparing the grass (mostly 
weeds actually) and the flowers (these are neat) and the outside 
wood-table (this one is perfect now) so that the environnement is good 
for talking of such things.

The list might not be the perfect place to talk about it possibly ?

May I suggest that you drop the matter for now Mark ? I think it is 
getting a bit heavy possibly and visibly you wont get any more answers 
by asking more.

I think.



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