[Wikipedia-l] Re: Sanger's memoirs

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Mon Apr 25 16:56:35 UTC 2005

Mark Williamson wrote:

>Anyhow back to my point. Wikipedia is somehow related to Bomis
>historically, right? This is a well-established fact, no? It says it
>pretty much everywhere.
>Jimbo himself admits that Bomis deals in porn (although it accounts
>for less than 10% of their revenue).
>Thus, I don't see where he gets the idea that the things people are
>saying are wrong. And why did he just say "you're wrong" instead of
>explaining, even after Ant asked him for an explanation? He has sent
>me increasingly rude private e-mails as well rather than discuss it
>calmly on the list.
One needs to make a distinction between the historical past and its 

I have no personal knowledge of the underlying facts, but for the sake 
of argument I'm willing to accept that what you say is all true.  It 
then comes down to a matter of "So what?"

At the rate you're going we shouldn't be recognizing Australia as a 
country because it was established by convicts.


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